A lot has happened!

So, let’s just stop for a second and go through all that we must not miss! Ultra Music Festival is making its way to India along with Game Of Thrones’ Hodor and India will soon have its first ever online community radio with boxout.fm to cater to our needs of independent/alternative music! Read on for more.

1. Confirmed! Ultra Music Festival Is Coming To India!

Credits: ultramusicfestival.com

Indian ravers were going berserk with the happiness of just the possibility, and statistics won’t be enough to acknowledge the excitement that lies in us now! Read about it here!

2. Bandraites! You Could Be Stuck In Traffic With Justin Bieber and Jacqueline Fernandez!

Credits: india.com

The Sri Lankan beauty is all set to give the Canadian Pop icon a full-on Mumbaikar tour! Read here!

3. Game Of Thrones’ ‘Hodor’ Star To Make Second Visit To India!

Credits: asialive365.com

We prayed to the old gods and the new ones and this was the outcome! Read more and click here to check the details!

4. Delhi Is Hosting The Next Bollywood Music Project Edition. Want To Know Why That’s Amazing?

Credits: facebook.com/BollywoodMusicProject

You don’t wanna miss the biggest Bollywood Music Festival in the world! Read this to know why.

5. Boxout.fm To Give Alternative Music In India An Online Radio Platform!

Credits: Dil Patel

This online community radio from India was born out of a lack of a platform for alternative music in India. Do not wait to read more here!

6. Kendrick Lamar Drops New Single “The Heart Part 4”!

Credits: Sites at Penn State

We lost our shit over this song and continue awaiting Coachella. Read more here!

7. Gorillaz Surprise Us With Their Album Artwork As Well As Four New Singles!

Credits: runthetrap.com

Gorillaz shocked fans worldwide by announcing their new album Humanz and they released four tracks from it. Read to know the details!

8. Kumail Launches New EP From You To Blue!

Shahid Datawala

Kumail’s EP “From You To Blue” released across online platforms and you need to read about it!

9. You Need To Hear The Music From The Flash/Supergirl Musical Crossover Show!

Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW

Barry Allen and Kara Danvers did not only belt out some tunes but tap-danced their way across the musical dimension. Read more to know what happened!

10. Top 5 Wacky Food Festivals You Need To Visit To Believe!

Credits: ilikevents.com

Food is one thing that makes us happy at the end of the day and these festivals celebrate food and oh-so well! Read about all of them!