Now raise a can to every celebration!

Sula Vineyards, India’s largest and most awarded winery is taking its brand ethos of innovation one step further with the launch of India’s 1st  Wine-In-A-Can – Dia Sparkler, in an attractive can design and in two variants of red and white wine.

Dia, a decade old brand was to date sold only in bottles, is fondly remembered by many as their ‘first wine’ with positive nostalgia! When Sula wanted to launch the country’s first wine in a can, Dia was the perfect choice. This sweet, bubbly and refreshing drink needs no mixers, corkscrews or swirling to enjoy; it’s easy to carry and crack open straight from the fridge. Pour it in a tall glass full of ice with a dash of lime or sip a chilled can straight up. A package that expresses perfection, pampering and style, Dia epitomises the good life – in a convenient way.

Low in alcohol at 8% ABV in line with strong beer, both variants – red and white are perfect for any hour of the day! Dia is as appealing to men as it is to women, and is pairs up for every occasion be it house parties, pool parties or a day at the beach! With MRP Rs. 180 for a 330ml can, this convenient drink is surely meant to give the right bang for the buck!

Introduced at a time where ‘on the go’ is the need of the hour to match our fast paced lives, the concept of wine in a can is blooming globally. Nielsen reports off premise canned wine sales for the 52-week period ending June 15, 2019, has risen 69% from the previous year, totalling $79.3 million in sales so far in the US.*

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Rajeev Samant, Founder & CEO, Sula Vineyards says, “At Sula, we are always on the lookout to bring new experiences to our customers. We are thrilled to bring the iconic Dia in a brand new avatar! It is India’s first wine sparkler in a can. Not just convenience, this drink promises all things light, bubbly and refreshing.