Calling all Beliebers! This May, you just may find the Beebs stuck in a Mumbai traffic jam with you…

When news broke that the award-winning singer would be bringing his Purpose tour to India on the 10th of May, ‘Indian Beliebers’ went into beast mode, hunting for tickets like a hungry lion scouting for prey.

Now, ‘bubbly’ Jacqueline Fernandez is set to add to the excitement!  News just broke that the Sri Lankan beauty is all set to give the Canadian Pop icon a full-on Mumbaikar tour! From the Gateway of India to Colaba Causeway; the Iskon Temple to Film City; And the most awesome part- a rickshaw ride around Bandra; Justin Bieber is all set to ‘get a taste of all things Desi’.  So hey, being stuck in a traffic might not be so bad if the Beebs is next to you, is it?


In a statement to IANS, Jacqueline said, “I am a huge fan of Bieber and I already have quite a few things I’ve thought of that would make his visit multi-dimensional. While he’s in India I’d love to take him around and give him a taste of all things desi and be his tour guide,”

Being the foodie that she is, Jacqueline plans to treat the Grammy-award winning singer to a range of delicious Indian cuisines! According to a source, “She is also curating a multi-cuisine meal comprising of gourmet Maharashtra, South Indian and Gujarati Dishes at her new restaurant for him.”

Who knows? You may just share a love for your favourite Indian dishes with the Beebs!


Arjun Jain, Director of White Fox India and the sole promoters of the tour, said: “We are working towards finalising the itinerary and we hope to give Bieber a multi-dimensional perspective about India and make it a memorable event indeed.”

The concert is all set to take place at the D.Y. Patil Stadium on the 10th of May. Keep an eye out for tickets here.