What we need: A content kingpin with impeccable grammar and even better people skills. You’ll be leading a team of minions dedicated towards creating top notch content, so better pull up your socks!

Skill set:

– planning, organizational and staff management skills.

– a good command of English with strong writing.

– creativity and good visual sense.

– an eye for detail.

– an understanding of target audiences


– 3-4 years

– Graduation degree in the field of media (preferably journalism)

– 3 years+ experience in print media or content digital media

– Basic knowledge of operating on WordPress

– Preferably experienced in heading a team

– Good knowledge of today’s music scene in the country and around the world

What we expect:

Leadership qualities to the max. You should be the sheep dog, herding his/her sheep in the right direction in the most orderly fashion. And not just that, clients (you know, those guys who pay us the moolah) depend on you to keep them in the loop on work they’ve entrusted you with. So be prepared to take on the role of a multi-tasker. If you can laugh in the face of urgent briefs, then consider us sold.


The life of our digital presence, a responsibility like no other.

What we need:

A talented, social media jedi, with a good pulse of music, events and every social media skill in the book. If you’re addicted to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat and are a hashtag kingpin – this one’s for you.

Skill set:
– Facebook, Twitter, Instagram handling
– Photoshop, Editing knowledge
– Campaign creation + execution
– SEO basics


– 2-3 years

– Graduation degree in the field of media

– 3+ years work experience in social media managing

– Good knowledge on operating different social media platforms

– Good knowledge of today’s music scene in the country and around the world

What we expect:

Total control of all our social media handles, interactive skills, report preparation & ofcourse – unadulterated energy. Work hours may be cozy but hectic, rest assured – we need professionals with a drive to help the brand grow and expand. Festival Sherpa is the pulse of festive gatherings across India & the globe, so to sum it up – “with great power comes great responsibility”

What you will learn:

We, at Festival Sherpa, pride upon being a platform for young and experienced candidates to showcase their energy and enthusiasm with maximum effect. Here are just a few things you may learn:
– Real time experience dealing with top festival and event brands across the country.
– Travelling to various festival/event hot spots and learning about India’s booming music scene.
– Top notch office environment with bright minds all around will help you enhance your work life
– Making money was never so much fun!
– Professional skills that will take you a long way.

Why you should join?

1. If you love your fair share of sleep (We begin at 11am).
2. Don’t take the above too seriously, we really begin at “10”.
3. We’ve got a vibrant team specialised in the art of making you comfortable.
4. Free Wifi & Chai.
5. If you enjoy a good laugh. We’ve got some comedians with serious potential on board.
6. The office is walking distance from Mumbai Central station.
7. There is no Dress code.
8. Paid leave for 21 days a year.
9. And yes you will be attending all major festivals and gigs across the country.