The city is making way for the second edition of Bollywood Music Project and we couldn’t be happier.

Bhutani Group presents Bollywood Music Project; powered by Hungama is bringing the second edition of the festival for the first time to Delhi. Organised by Event Capital (a Laqshya Media Group Company) and TM Talent Management, it will take place on the 25th and 26th of March, 2017. The capital city has played host to several big gigs and world-class events in the past, so it isn’t surprising that Asia’s largest Bollywood music festival would choose Delhi as their next destination.

Post the success of the Mumbai edition, we are well aware of the quality of music that can be expected from BMP. But it’s Delhi, as a city, that will give this edition a brand new feel. So what can we look forward to:

1) Here, It’s All About Making It Larger Than Life


There is so much space in Delhi that people who travel from other metro cities usually find themselves feeling overwhelmed by it’s sheer size. Which is why, BMP decided to make the most of this larger than life feeling and set up shop in one of Delhi’s larger than life venues – The Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Grounds. The all-seater facility can seat up to 100,000 for concerts. Also, in terms of seating capacity, it is the fourth largest multipurpose stadium in India and the 51st largest in the world.

2) If It’s Happening In Delhi, You Can’t Miss The Punjabi Element


Only a city like Delhi can partially turn a Bollywood music festival into a Punjabi music one as well. This edition will host several big names from the Punjabi music and film industry. These guys are rockstars and this is their home turf. So how can they not be a part of it?

3) It’s Foodgasm, All The Way


Every festival has an assortment of F&B for its attendees, because who doesn’t feel hungry after dancing for hours in front of the stage. But, let’s be honest here and say that when it comes to food, Delhi kinda kicks every other metro city’s ass. Capital city is THE place to give your palates some well-deserved indulgence. So, we can say for sure that the F&B options at the venue, for BMP, will be curated to give you a taste of Delhi in the most authentic fashion.

4) The People Of Delhi Make For Great Dance Partners


You won’t come across a more excited bunch of music revellers than the ones you meet in Delhi. Delhiites know the trick to turning everything into one big party, and we love them for that. With just the right music, like the one lined up for us at BMP, you can expect people around you to get you moving on the dance floor like there is no tomorrow.

5) The Weather Is Still Kinda Amazing


While most parts of India have begun to fall prey to the onset of summer, Delhi has managed to steer clear of the extreme heat so far. The days are pleasant and the nights are glorious. With the little nip in the air post 7, you can be rest assured that you won’t be sweating it out in the crowd and can peacefully concentrate on grooving to the music.

6) Because Delhi Is As Much A Part Of Bollywood As Mumbai


Gone are the days when Mumbai was the end all place for Bollywood. Off late, Delhi has captured the fancy of many directors and has inspired stories for many more. Even when it comes to promotions, the city is on every list. Infact, Bollywood music catches on here quicker than it does in Mumbai. With the city showering so much love on the film industry, it’s only fair to reward them with an experience of a lifetime, in this case their own edition of Bollywood Music Project.

So, even whether you live in the city or don’t, make sure you don’t miss out on Bhutani Group presents Bollywood Music Project; powered by Hungama. Get your tickets here