From making a travel itinerary to booking your flight to finding local attractions, travel apps have significantly impacted travelers’ lives. A smartphone that we used to use just for selfies and communication has become so much more. You can plan your trip, enjoy it, and get information or help from these apps no matter where you are.

Using the right travel app during your journey can save time and money. Moreover, some travel apps can kick off that boredom you feel during long hours of travel, like Casino apps online where you can earn real money. Check out’s list of the best casinos online, as they have the top list of casinos that are trustworthy, and you can withdraw your money quickly.

Many travel apps are highly recommended; you can get most of them for free. No matter how frequently you travel, these apps should be on your phone so that you can have the best possible experience on your next trip.

  1. TripIt

Triplt is one of the best travel planning apps where you have everything related to your travel plan in one place. If you have booked your flights, rented a car, or booked a room, you email Triplt. It keeps everything planned and organized for you. In times like when you travel to a new destination or do solo travel, this app can offer a lot of help.

  1. XE Currency

There are a lot of international currency conversion apps, but this one is highly recommended. It is easy to use and can quickly provide conversion rates no matter where you are. Such an app can be beneficial if you are traveling to foreign countries.

  1. Entertainment Apps:

For those long hours of journey, you should really have some entertainment apps on your smartphone. This article provides you the details for the various entertainment and casino apps that you can have on your smartphones.

  1. Flush

Only a few people know about this one, but there is an app that helps you find the nearest restroom. Hasn’t it happened to you that you are enjoying outside while traveling and need a restroom real quick? For such times, Flush has become a life-saver, a free app that guides you to the nearest public restroom in no time.

It picks up your current location and guides you through the map. The app database has around 200,000 public restrooms, including those for handicapped people.

  1. Google Translate

You are already familiar with this famous International app called Google Translate. It helps translate the local language of a foreign country during communication or shopping their local items. Just scan the images, and the app will translate for you. If you are in a restaurant, this is one of the best ways to order the right thing for you.

The app also has a conversation mode that can be useful for asking for directions or talking with the locals.

  1. Alltrails

If you love outdoor adventures, then this app is for you. No matter where you stay, it shows you the nearby trail information and maps where you can enjoy hiking, mountain biking, cycling, etc.

Alltrails also guides you about the trail condition, whether closed or open for the public, or the recent reviews of hikers.

  1. VPN

One of the most important and must-have travel apps is the VPN. It helps protect your personal information, like credit card numbers, passwords, and other important information you don’t want to give away.

The best recommendation for a VPN app is ExpressVPN. You should have it on your smartphone as it hides your current location. Moreover, it is imperative that you use a VPN when you are in an airport because of the free WIFI. As everyone is on the same WIFI, hacking into your phone and stealing your information is much easier.

  1. Skyscanner

Skyscanner is one of the leading apps for finding cheap flights, hotels, and car rentals worldwide. Just add the destination you want to go to, and it will run through the data, which has millions of flights and gives you various options with different prices. So, you can easily choose the one that goes with your budget.

Apart from the fare, you can also check the number of stops, duration, and the top options that suit you.

  1. Hostelworld

Hostelworld is one of the best apps for budget-friendly travelers, providing information on hostels to stay in during your trip. They are highly affordable; you can share rooms with your other travelers or rent a room. You can also check out the amenities and the closest shops or destinations from the hostel.

  1. GetYourGuide

GetYourGuide is a marketplace where you will find all sorts of travel guides and excursions. Learn about the culture, local food, top destinations, and tips before booking your travel.


So, these are the top 10 travel apps that are highly recommended to use for your trips. These apps will ensure you have a safe and the best time of your life.