So how did Steve get the idea of throwing cakes at people’s faces? And how did he come up with the name ‘Dim Mak’ for his record label? Find out these and other interesting facts about Steve Aoki.


1. Steve Aoki started playing chess when he was 4 and was once ranked amongst the top 250 chess players in the world.

2. Steve has given DJ lessons to retired American swimmer Michael Phelps at LIV Miami, and got some swimming lessons in return!

3. Paralympic gold medalist Dylan Alcott crowd-surfed over 15,000 people during Steve Aoki’s set at Ultra Music Festival.

4. Steve runs his own clothing line called The Dim Mak Collection.

5. Steve’s half-sister Devon Aoki is an American model & actress. She starred in 2 Fast 2 Furious as Suki.

6. Aoki got the idea to throw cake at people after watching the video of ‘Turn Up The Volume’ by Autoerotique.

7. He named his record label ‘Dim Mak’ after his childhood hero Bruce Lee.

8. His father used to be a Japanese wrestling champion.

9. Steve portrayed himself on an episode of the hit CW series Arrow.

10. His father Hiroaki Aoki is the founder of the popular restaurant Benihana. And in spite of that, Steve spent the first fifteen years of his life as a vegetarian.

11. Steve learned how to DJ from DJ AM, and was first asked to DJ at a club in the year 2004.

12. Steve was a huge punk rock fan and also revealed that when he was in college he never touched alcohol or drugs.

13. He is a devoted poker player and has played with celebrities like Antonio Esfandiari, Joel Madden and Phil Laak.

14. He has his own charity that raises money throughout the year called Steve Aoki Charitable Fund.

15. Steve has his own character in the video games NBA 2k8 & 2k9.

16. Steve Aoki graduated from the University of California with a degree in Feminist Studies and Sociology.

17. He graduated from Newport Harbor High School in 1995, where he was a star player on the varsity badminton team.

18. He is the co-owner of two restaurants in Los Angeles and one in New York.

19. Steve created his own magazine titled ‘Aoki’ in 2009.

20. He hangs out with Jesse Pinkman aka Aaron Paul.


If you’re a Breaking Bad fan, 01:05 in the video is going to get you weak in the knees.


You’re so cool Steve.