Description: Did you know how easy it is to choose yummy and healthy vegan snacks? We’ve made a list of some of the most popular vegan snack ideas which require little to no preparation. Click to read more and choose your favorite!


Whether you’ve been following a vegan diet for a while, or have just started to make small changes towards going full vegan, chances are you’re already looking on how to make the perfect healthy vegan snack. 

With the help of My Kitchen Advisor, we’ve compiled a smart list of yummy vegan snacks that can help curb your hunger, anytime, anywhere!

Fresh Fruit

This may seem like an obvious choice, but you’d be surprised to find out how many of those following a vegan diet overlook the importance of eating fresh fruit! Not only is this one of the top raw vegan snack ideas, but it is also one that can be used to make hundreds of other tasty vegetarian snacks, too!

A Handful of Almonds

Almonds have many health benefits, which you can enjoy just by eating around 23 of them a day! They are rich in protein and fiber, as well as vitamin E, riboflavin, calcium, magnesium, and potassium, among other things. Make sure not to go overboard, as the recommended amount is just what you need to both feel full and get the appropriate vitamins and minerals that they can give you.

Hummas and Pita

Hummus, which is made of chickpeas, is considered very nutritious and is packed with plant-based protein. Spread about two tablespoons of hummus on some fresh pita bread and enjoy a quick, filling snack!


Popcorn is among the best vegan gluten-free snacks, especially when you’re craving something salty, but don’t want to mindlessly eat chips. Since not all store-bought popcorn is free of gluten, we suggest you made it yourself at home, following a simple recipe such as the one suggested by Coeliac UK.

Vegan Snacks Bar

Here’s the thing: you don’t need to be a pastry chef to make tasty vegan snack bars. Use any seeds, dried fruits, and nuts you have in your pantry; combine them with some cinnamon and agave syrup, and bake them in the oven in low heat until roasted. The possibilities are endless!

Vegan Cookies

It’s likely that, more than once, you’ve found yourself googling, “What cookies are vegan?” Now, as with everything that has to do with going vegan, it’s best to avoid buying something pre-made and opt to make it yourself. There’s a treasure trove of vegan cookie recipes online, and we recommend you chose some that include your favorite ingredients, but are not too rich in calories – because you want a snack and not dessert, after all! There are many other factors that need to be considered when making this purchase decision on coffee maker not made in China.


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Following a vegan diet doesn’t mean that you have to deprive yourself of snacks that are both tasty and healthy. 

Using fresh, raw ingredients that are in-season is the best way to go, but you can always adapt based on your individual circumstances and your dietary needs.

Tell us: what’s your favorite vegan snack? Do you have a recipe you would like to share with others? Comment below to let us know!

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