These festivals are taking food to a whole new level.

Food is one thing that makes us happy at the end of the day with so many possibilities available! But at times, we have a slightly different way of appreciating the sources of sustenance. We’re giving you a look at the weird ways that people appreciate and use food!

Check it out!

1. Roadkill Cook-off 


Dishes like bear and squirrel are just a few that are served up at the Roadkill Cook-off that takes place annually. While you don’t have to run them over per se, you do get a taste of the roadside animals. And if you participate in the pageant, you could be Miss Roadkill! Fun, isn’t it?

2. BugFest


This satisfying food festival is definitely one of it’s kind. The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences hosts the annual event in September where over 35,000 visitors look forward to Cafe Insecta, a pop up restaurant where chefs prepare delicacies like Quivering Wax Worm Quiche, yum.

3. Giant Omelette Festival


The festival originates from three original members of the Chamber Of Commerce who visted the Easter Omlette Festival in France. But besides the numerous other egg dishes presented at the venue, the stand-out has to be the overwhelmingly large 5,000 egg omelette. Clearly, size does matter!

4. Chinchilla Melon Festival


The town of Chinchilla in Australia is also known as the Melon Capital because the region produces a quarter of the country’s watermelons! The festival there covers every possible melon activity from melon tossing to the hilariously entertaining melon skiing. Seems like we know where we’re going next year for a vacay!

5. World Black Pudding Throwing Championships


Ah! Black pudding, the blood sausage that’s a staple in the U.K. Ramsbottom in Greater Manchester, however, uses the food item in a more interesting way. The Championship dates way back to the 1980’s when the rivalry between Yorkshire and Lancashire led to the two sides using food when they ran out of ammunition! Imagine, getting hit in the face with a sausage, interesting and kinda weird but fun nonetheless.