Our prayers have been answered!

Ultra Music Festival is coming to India and we’re totally flipping! After The Sherp reported that there was a major possibility of the festival coming to the country, the organizers turned into genies and made all our wishes come true. The good news was announced via a special live stream last night! Mumbai and Delhi are in for an epic ride!

Check it out below:

Just a day before this confirmation, Indian ravers were going berserk with the happiness of just the possibility! Statistics won’t be enough to acknowledge the excitement that lies in us now. At All!

Ultra Music Festival was once just a beach party in Miami. Since then, they have expanded to locations like Ibiza, Spain; Seoul, Korea; Tokyo, Japan; Hvar and Split, Croatia; Singapore; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; and more. The new additions seem to be New Delhi and Mumbai, India along with Shanghai, China.

The scene of Electronic Dance Music has been changing in India over the past few years and many new festivals have been gearing their way up to India. EDC and Sensation became desi last year and now, it’s time for Ultra! This will go down in history for India’s music festival scene. Get ready for hashtags like #UltraIndia, essentially #UltraMumbai and #UltraDelhi!