Addons are made for players to improve certain aspects of their gameplay or even add entirely new features that alter the way they play and improve their performance. In PvE content like raids and mythic+ dungeons, addons are used a lot more. This is true even for pro players who offer mythic boost services. In this review, we have coompiled the top 5 healer addons out there that can help you save your friends even when things look very bad. Please keep in mind that we do not rank the addons because they do different things and serve different purposes.

Healer Protection

The Healer Protection addon is a great tool for any healer in World of Warcraft. It sends important messages to your friends automatically in chat, like when monsters attacks you or when you’re almost out of mana. The Healer Protection addon is needed for farm Mythic+ dungeons, to improve the overall efficiency and success rate of the group for several reasons:

  • Avoiding aggro — Healer Protection lets healers know when they have aggro, which is very important in Mythic+ dungeons where getting assaulted by enemies while the healer is being targeted can eliminate the whole group.
  • Mana management — It lets healers know when they’re running low on mana, allowing them to save mana and make better use of cooldowns.
  • Improving communication — For better group comms, the addon shows when the healer is in need of some help, making it easier for everyone to respond accordingly.

All in all, the Healer Protection addon can help healers perform their role more effectively, ensuring that the group is working together productively.


WeakAuras must be mentioned whenever addons in WoW are discussed. You can set up and show unique graphics in World of Warcraft’s interface with this great and flexible tool. This makes it easier to see important information like buffs, debuffs, alerts, and other useful data during battle. Some other useful features of WeakAuras that can be beneficial for healers are as follows:

  • Cooldown timers — WeakAuras helps you keep track of how long it takes for your healing spells to be ready again, allowing you to manage your healing abilities more effectively.
  • Health and mana bars — The displayed bars show the health and mana levels of both you and your group members.
  • Visual cues — This add-on provides visual cues, signaling when certain abilities or in-game events are about to occur. This includes warnings for standing in harmful areas or anticipating dangerous boss abilities.
  • Alerts for healing — WeakAuras notifies you when someone in your group requires healing, helping you stay attentive to the team’s health.
  • Buff and debuff tracking — Keep an eye on buffs and debuffs affecting your group members, enabling faster and more effective responses during battles.
  • Interrupt tracking — WeakAuras can monitor your group’s use of interrupt skills, assisting in coordinated gameplay.

While WeakAuras may seem overwhelming due to its numerous features, the website offers a variety of pre-made setups designed for different classes and specializations, making it more accessible for users.

Deadly Boss Mods — Dungeons

Next, we have Deadly Boss Mods, or DBM, which is an important mod for all PvE players. DBM is divided into two groups: Dungeons and Challenges. You can do much better in 5-man PvE content with the Dungeons version, which has features like colored warnings, warning texts, custom bars, and an auto-response to whispers. The reason we need DBM — Dungeons is easy to understand:

  • Improving awareness — DBM informs players when the boss is about to use special powers by playing sounds. This helps players act quickly, so they don’t get hurt or are in the right place at the right time.

This add-on is great because you can change things like the sounds that play when important things happen and the way the screen flashes. Voice packs in a lot of different languages can also be used with it.

Gnosis (Castbars and Timers)

With the help of the Gnosis addon, you can keep a close eye on your cast bars and all of the battle timers in World of Warcraft, including auto-attack timers and GCDs. Here is an extra benefit for healers in Mythic+ dungeons:

  • Highly configurable castbars — Gnosis provides highly configurable castbars that can be customized to display the information healers need to make informed decisions during encounters.

This addon lets you set up as many bars as you want, which makes it useful for all magic classes in WoW, but it’s especially helpful for healing.


This is a fantastic addon for optimizing the user interface that was developed with healers in mind. Why should you use Healium? Here are a couple of reasons for you to do so:

  • Customizable buttons — You can put up to 15 fully editable buttons next to the health bar of each ally;
  • Custom button animations and range checks — Custom buttons have their own effects for when they’re not in use and range checks;
  • Easy configuration — It’s simple to set up; just drag and drop spells from your spellbook.

Additionally, Healium lets you put certain spells, items, and macros right next to your teammates’ health bars, which makes healing a group a lot easier.


If you are looking for a way to advance your gameplay in WoW, then these 5 healer addons should be definitely considered as they significantly enhance a healer’s performance in Mythic+ dungeons. Explore their benefits and tailor your setup for a positive and productive group experience in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Mythic+ dungeons.