With a range of festivals postponed throughout 2020, tech-savvy people have already swooped in to save the day. Some events and shows will still go ahead – but they will be live-streamed through the magic of modern technology, rather than require a physical presence. So, what would a live-streamed festival actually be like – and will it work? Well, we just have to look to online roulette, such as that offered by sites like LeoVegas, to find out the answer.

people gathering on concert field
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What Would a Live Streamed Festival Be Like?

Live streaming festivals would allow festival-goers to still enjoy the essence of the music. Musicians have mastered live streams across Instagram and Facebook for years, and many fans have considered it an extension of the artist engagement. Turning festivals into online affairs could still retain the talent – and small donations could keep developing talent in profit, with smaller concerts already capitalizing on this.

One of the benefits for fans of live-streamed festivals would be the intimacy felt by those attending. While the live stream would be going out to thousands of others, you will lose the crowd sensation and retain only the performance by the artist. So, this could make it feel more intimate and give you a different kind of experience. This could then change the face of both the music and the streaming industry.  

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Does Live Streaming Work?

We already have a good metric of whether live streaming works for all things typically non-digital: live roulette online. There are a wide range of platforms that allow you to play online roulette in India, including LeoVegas, who have pioneered live streaming technology to transform the casino roulette experience. The LeoVegas roulette games include a live dealer who can interact with the player, which helps to provide the same atmosphere and interactions that might be felt in a casino. Despite the player not (yet) being able to show their own camera, the sensation of being spoken to directly still creates that exhilarating environment.

Bars, clubs, theatres, and even offices have embraced live streaming. Performers and DJs are still able to create social media-led experiences for their usual patrons. Office workers are moving towards Zoom as a way of communicating without having to physically meet up. In fact, Zoom calls have risen so much that the founder’s net worth has increased by $2 billion.

Live-streamed festivals could bridge the gap between a fully-fledged festival and nothing at all. Utilizing the latest tech means fans can adapt, but still get a fulfilling experience from their favorite artists. There have already been examples of successful online live streaming stories, such as roulette online, which allows players to engage with traditional Indian roulette games where they can interract with a croupier and fellow players from the comfort of their own homes. LeoVegas has already shown that this is possible. The success of live-streamed festivals could lead to a way that those who might be prevented from going to festivals and concerts, could still experience live music from the artists they love in a similarly intimate setting.