The heroes have got some serious pipes and we’re totally shook.

Last night, comic book fans were all prepped for the highly awaited crossover episode between TV’s two leading super heroes, Supergirl and The Flash. It’s safe to say that the episode was unconventional for the usual hero genre but yet, it highlighted the magic that comes with musicals.


Barry Allen and Kara Danvers did not only belt out some tunes but tap-danced their way across the musical dimension, due to a trick played by the Music Meister on the episode ‘Duet’ in The Flash universe. The stars could handle it flawlessly especially since both the lead actors, Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist, both starred on Ryan Murphy’s ‘Glee’.

Luckily, for all you poor things that missed the episode, the music for the crossover is available on iTunes right now and we’re telling you to get a few minutes to listen to their vocal ability and be amazed. Check out The Flash – Music From The Special Episode: Duet here!

Some people can really do it all.