Following the news of their early-access Future Pass arriving on July 29th, innovative Ibiza-based music and arts platform OpenLab today announces a very special set of art x music collaborative NFTs.  

The project is the first initiative with TokenTraxx and it brings together cutting-edge music talent with some of the most exciting names in visual art to create new and highly collectible audio-visual works. 
The project, called ’New Mycelium Network’, is inspired by the networked roots of fungi and takes collaboration as a jumping-off point for imaginative and creative departures in difficult times. On 29 July, a highly limited number of OpenLab Future Passes will be made available through TokenTraxx for early access to this exclusive NFT drop. 
This is the first of many ambitious cross-platform creative collaborations between OpenLab and TokenTraxx, which is on a mission to be at the centre of a new independent music and arts creator economy by providing a platform driven by NFTs which supports and financially benefits the whole arts community.
Ellie Pritts x Kate Simko
Ellie Pritts creates richly saturated and psychedelic artworks that spellbind her viewers. Her digital practice is a tangled collaboration with AI, old school analogue technology and the latest in coding techniques. A classically trained cellist, we have paired Ellie Pritts with Kate Simko, a classical pianist and composer as well as a DJ and electronic music producer. Originally from Chicago and now based in London, Kate founded LEO – the London Electronic Orchestra, which is an all female fusion of classical and electronic music. Kate is currently teaching electronic music at The Royal College of Music and yet still found time to collaborate on electronic music productions with esteemed producers Seth Troxler and Jamie Jones. 
Saeko Ehara X Xiaolin
Japanese digital artist Saeko Ehara is the Queen of all that sparkles. Bringing her fascination with glitter to digital art, her practice spans NFTs and generative video. As a VJ, her incredible immersive installations respond in real time to the music playing alongside them. In tune with the sound, Saeko generates enchanting organic patterns that create a euphoric experience. Her NFTs are lauded for their intense detail and coveted for their fantasy feel. Saeko will be working with Xiaolin (Olivia Xiaolin) – a producer, sound explorer, DJ and instrumentalist from Hong Kong. Xiaolin has an impressively wide sonic spectrum that includes jazz fusion, acid house, dreamy synths and organic breaks. She attained a double master’s degree in jazz and music technology at Berklee College of Music.