Kashish proves that if you have the passion for something, hard work and zeal will get you to the top!

An avid music listener and aficionado since her early teens; a creative soul, and a model as well, Kashish Singh is someone who dons many hats! A name many underground music followers have grown familiar with, Kashish Singh aka Kashish (performance moniker) is surely making her music and her presence felt in the industry! The artist is known for experimenting with Techno, Deep Tech, Deep House and Progressive House music.

Kashish’s rub of fate with music started as an early passion and hobby. I think it was 6-7 years ago when I told my sis I wanted to be a DJ and I’ve been so lucky when it comes to my family and friends they always said I should give it a try because I would always take control of the music in every party and I was good at it. They all loved my music taste or maybe they just love me too much so they would bear with my music ha-ha. But I never gave it a try then!! Because of jobs and responsibilities and also “DJing isn’t a career, it’s a passion” (I beg to differ).”

Last year I ended up in Goa for exhibiting my products at India bike week and one of the nights I got out to party. I ended up chilling with DJ friends from Bombay in Goa and then just like that then and there I decided enough I gotta do this!! I came back and enrolled myself at a DJ school and learned the console in 2 months.” 

“I wanted to keep my alias “Kandy” or just “K” I was keener on K because it’s been my nickname ever since – forever!!”, Kashish shares the thought process behind the birth of her moniker. I was thinking of keeping a stage name for myself I was like why shouldn’t I just go with my Name – it’s beautiful and it has a beautiful meaning. Hence, Kashish!!” 

While Kashish hasn’t started producing her own music just as yet, (won’t be long before she does!) she reminisces and holds a close value for the music that brought her to this point. The artist found her first interests through underground music and also recommends a few of her favourites to upcoming artists as well – David August – Epikur (Original Mix), Kollektiv Turmstrasse – Ordinary (Lake Peoples Circle Motive Remix), D-nox & Beckers – Sunshine Burger (Sonic Future Remix), Siyuder – Open your eyes (Nick Warren Remix), Solomun, Matador, Boris Brejcha, Victor Ruiz, Booka Shade, Butch, Citizen Kain, Oh my gaaaawd Dubfire, Oliver Koletzki, Stefano Noferini, Donatello and Enrico Sangiuliano, among others.

Kashish claims that her musical journey has only just begun, in spite of having played about 25 gigs and opened for some reclaimed international acts as well. She has just been signed with Rage Entertainment and is a constant on the underground music scene. Her notable performances include Opening for Guy J x Guy Mantzur, Lost & Found Tour in Bangalore, Opening for John Graham aka Quivver (Bedrock, Selador, Sudbeat) at Playboy Beer Garden, Pune, Opening set for Madhav aka Kohra at Su Casa, Opening for Rafael Cerato (Diynamic, Get Physical & Suara) at Bar Called Life, Mumbai.

Kashish looks back at her transition to becoming a DJ and here’s how she describes her journey, A musical roller coaster is how I would describe it. It has been full of ups and downs, happiness and sadness. But at the end how you deal with it and how well you manage to still rise above everything is what is important. I know I am just a beginner but believe you me I have seen enough in the last one year of my DJing journey to know. There are pros and cons, good and bad, everywhere and in everything but at the end what makes you happy matters the most.

The DJ leaves behind a few words of advice for upcoming artists looking to make a break in the industry, Believe in yourself and listen to your soul because it’ll lead you to where you belong. Don’t get involved in the politics and drama, keep evolving, keep progressing and keep pushing your limits. You are worthy & trust me when I say – YOU have an innate capacity – All you have to do is see it in yourself and then only others will see it (in) you”

Credits: facebook.com/ragewithk

Kashish had recently opened for Magit Cacoon along with Blurry Slurr, and will be seen opening for Third Son along with Anuj Samtani, tomorrow in Mumbai. While she doesn’t restrict herself to certain genres of music, Kashish always has HVOB & Soul Button on constant repeat no matter the time, place or situation.

While she isn’t busy producing music, Kashish enjoys watching movies, reading and travelling, and keeps herself occupied by working on her clothing store, which you can check out here. Her immediate future plans include taking up a music production course and taking the plunge into producing her own music at the earliest.

You can follow Kashish on Facebook here, Instagram here, and on Soundcloud here.