Putting their own spin on Camila Cabello’s popular track, Gurbax and Adossi churn out an absolute wonder!

”I Have Questions” by Camilo Cabello, gets its latest spin with two Indian producers, Gurbax from Bangalore and Adossi (Mr. Doss) from Mumbai, adding their own elements to the track. The revamped version of the song has just the right amount of indie-electronic and future bass sounds, that all come together to blend extremely well.

Check out the track below:

Released on August 2nd, the track is becoming quite the hot favourite at clubs and parties alike.

My remix process is extremely organic – I really only touch songs that I know I could listen back to a thousand times over and still not get tired. This was definitely one of those rare gems. The track to me feels like the soundtrack to one those liberating moments/memories in life when you said fuck it broke all the rules. So throw reality in the backseat, jump in the car, pick up your best friends, bump this track & be the rebel you’ve always wanted to be.”, Gurbax reveals his personal endeavour with the track and the creative process behind it.

Adossi goes on to say, “This remix was fun to make especially because of the beautiful vocals of Camila Cabello. The whole track has a happy melancholic vibe which is why I chose to remix it. We tried to keep the remix smooth and wavy while give the listener an easy and refreshing experience. This track will definitely make you feel some type of way. #rightinthefeels”

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