The independent music scene around the country has seen an all time rise just as more and more artists come up with music, sending it out for the world to hear. Musicians work day in and night out to bring the best out of their talents, to make music that is close to art and closer to heart. 

Here are 9 artists that have tugged the strings of our hearts with their amazing music.

1. Osho Jain – Khush Toh Hai Na

Osho Jain’s Khush Toh Hai Na comes from a place of absolute, completely selfless and unconditional love, where the only thing that matters is whether or not the person you’re in love with is happy. It’s honest, refreshing and heartfelt to an extent where you’d feel everything this song tends to emote with itself. Osho’s voice fits perfectly well with the beautiful plucking of the instrument, simple yet impactful, making you feel things just as he does. His music is not just playing with the strings of his ukelele, but our hearts as well.

2. Sunflower Tape Machine – Sophomore Sweetheart

Sophomore Sweetheart is probably one of those songs you’d want to dance with your sweetheart on, one step at a time, having the time of your lives as you make memories, just the two of you. The music feels retro in a very American High School way and takes you to a completely different world and zone, where you’re no longer worried that the world is in shambles outside of the room in which you’re dancing with the love of your sophomore year. The vocals and the music come together and remind you of every high school chick flick you’ve loved your entire life.

3. Parth Walunjkar- Opposites

Do you at any point look at somebody and acknowledge how unalike you two are? How you like things that are so different, they like trains and you tire at the thought of it, how they love insanity and you are simply attempting to keep yourself rational. Perfect inverses and still, do you at any point can’t help thinking about how you can’t resist the urge to succumb to them? Parth Walunjkar’s Opposites is an ode to the lovers who are alternate extremes, who figure they don’t merit one and another but then, can’t resist the urge to fall for each other.

Parth’s voice blended in with the lovely narration of the melody makes a wonderful tune that could undoubtedly be the tune that plays in your mind everytime you see somebody who’s unique, somebody you can’t resist the urge to succumb to.

4. Yugm, Sridev Ramesh – Musafir x Wanderer.

Not a ton of artists do justice to melodies where 2 different languages amalgamate and yet Yugm manages to bring justice not only to the whole tune, but also additionally made perhaps the one of the most glorious tunes I’ve gone over in a long, long while. The music bodes totally well with the verses both in Hindi and in English. There is something in particular about the tune that makes you fall head over heels for venture, with movement and its possibility. In any case, the one thing that makes the whole tune stand separated is the splendid utilization of narration that makes this piece diverse as well as extraordinarily exceptional.

5. Apes in Space- Modern Love

Apes in Space’s Modern Love does justice to its name with the verses of the song as well as with the sort of music that it addresses. It’s stand-out and charmingly unique, simple as it goes, essentially the sort of melody that stands by its title and conveys the exact same thing it is every so efficiently named after- Modern love. The song is a literal testimony of what love and music in modern times are going to be like.

6. Antariksh – Fanaah

The word Fanaah literally translates to dying before one actually dies and Antriksh’s fanaah is a testament of dying because of how much you’re in love with someone, that you find meaning in yourself. Fanaah is the kind of love song that plays in your head when you first fall head over heels in love with someone, someone you can’t take your eyes and mind off of, and is beautiful right from the lyrics to the music. This is the kind of song people in movies fall in love over.

7. Alan Ebe – For a Faraway Friend

Alan Ebe’s For a Faraway Friend is an ode to all those friends who are faraway. It’s about how hard it gets when people who hold and ground you are faraway, not with you, holding you on days that are tough and the ones that are happy. The vocals are soft against your existence, almost like a reassurance, holding you and warning your soul until your friend finds a way to do it for you. This song radiates comfort and would 10/10 bring tears to your eyes, if you have someone that’s far away.

8. Chirag Todi- Desire

Chirag Todi’s Desire is a song that emphasises on how want and desire are infectious in its ways, like fire. The tune has a feeling of disobedience to it and it’s likely in view of how impeccably mixed the verses are with the music, which emanates the wonder that shows up with being what your identity is and following your deepest cravings. The melody is enthusiastic about feels, the jazz sitting perfectly and bringing the whole thing together, restricting it well. The vocals, particularly the rap, are wonderful and with everything taken into account, the tune is impeccably mixed.

9. UJ- Faasla

UJ’s Faasla is a song that radiates hope, even when distance seems to be greater than it. The song is soft, rhythmic to a point where you vibe with not just the lyrics but the music, for it radiates the exact feels that the lyrics does and impeccably speaking. The lyrics are poetically beautiful, full of metaphors and beautifies the already glorious song even more. Faasla is the kind of song that makes you believe in what your innermost desire is, the fate and distance or simply, hope.

10. Benson Chacko – When strangers meet

Do you ever meet someone for the first time and in that moment, they make your heart flutter and you turn extremely nervous? All out of how glorious they are? Do you ever meet someone and in that very moment, you can feel the sparks flying? Benson Chacko’s strangers meet is a song that beautifully captures the essence of meeting someone for the first time and feeling butterflies for them. The song has a vibe that’s fun and extremely affectionate, almost equating itself to the purity and innocence of love and all the silliness that it brings along.

Listen to all these artists and let them take your hearts away just as they took ours!