Tre Ess aka Sumit Solanki talks ‘Acid-Hop’ and more!

When you hear the name Tre Ess, you bet its followed by a uber cool persona and a really cool story behind the name and trust us, the story does not disappoint! “My school friends thought it was crazy that all my initials started with ‘S’. Sometime around early 2000 I became a big fan of Triple H from WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). Dude was hated by everyone and he did not care, I found that super interesting! That’s when I started going by Triple S, eventually shortening it to Tre Ess which is just Spanish.”

But what makes this man even cooler is his creativity to generate a sub-genre of his own. Getting attached to a particular genre isn’t his thing and he describes this method of taking elements of Hip-Hop and psychedelic music and even elements of rock into his music, aptly termed ‘Acid-Hop.’

When asked about the moment he decided to pursue music, he replies that he was an avid music lover since forever. “I started out as a drummer when I was only 13 years old. Around that time death metal music had exploded in my city and considering the environment that surrounds Jharkhand, all this new heavy sound I was hearing sounded soothing. My shift to Hip-Hop came much later on when I realized that rock music was getting too saturated and rock bands were trying to stay away from experimenting with sound. Hip-Hop on the other hand was all about experimenting with samples and I fell in love instantly.”

But as always, the journey to where he has reached today hasn’t always been so smooth but if he had to do it all over again, he wouldn’t change a thing. Silver linings in the little things are what keeps depression and anxiety at bay when you’re trying to achieve the impossible, according to the producer. He has always given mental health the first priority in dark situations and that’s something everyone, regardless of their profession, should follow. One of his methods to relax is travelling but the workaholic managed to create his track “Dying Dreams” while in Bhutan and has become his go-to location every year.

His love for music covers all the genres under it’s vast spectrum, so don’t be surprised when you find out that he’s found listening to artists like Hiatus Kaiyote and Vince Staples to Snarky Puppy and James Blake! Why not right? Good music deserves a listen by anyone and everyone.

“As a writer, staying true is always my number one priority, for me that’s more important than some rhyme scheme or punchline. Some of things that I was always uncomfortable in talking about became kind of easy to talk about in songs. I can be real insecure most of the time but when I’m in front of the mic, I feel like I switch to my God mode.”

This stands true even when he performed for the first time! He remembers being a bit nervous but as long as the setup and sound engineer are reliable everything goes well. “I really mean it when I say I’m trying to be one the best producer/rapper to have ever walked on Earth. So evidently I have a rather long way to go.” And that he does.

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