As independent musicians pave their way into our playlists, we come across new people with new visions everyday.

Digging deep as we explore more, we come across innumerable artists that leave a mark on the world, simply by choosing to create music and we’re here with some of them!

Here are 11 artists that took our world by the storm.

1.Catchy- Piya.

Catchy’s Piya blends Indian classical with EDM and wonderfully so. The song is ‘catchy’ and leaves a mark on you, getting you hooked to its tunes and the beautiful bandish bringing out a different level of attractiveness to the song, all together. One thing that sets the entire song apart is the way in which tritaal is used, almost as a taan, before the song ends, bringing complete justice to the song’s Indian part just as incredibly as the westernised part. The amalgamation is beautiful and extremely hooking.

2. The Auduo – Do the Dance.

Do the Dance is all your hype song dreams come true. It’s upbeat, fun and has a certain charm to it that makes it extremely hard for you to not groove to its beats. The song is not a quintessential dance number with popping beats and a sound blasting tunes that fit the conventional songs but a rather different take on the same, with balanced tunes, and an extremely fun vibe. The sibling duo hit the right notes, and have made something impeccably enjoyable.

3. Root Murphy- Butterflies. 

Root Murphy’s Butterflies does complete justice to the feeling of utter confusion that comes with the questions of ‘what are we?’ and ‘if it’s you and I or are we an us?’, it does complete justice to the relief that follows. The vocals are beautiful, and the song grows on just as it progresses, leaving you completely mesmerized by the end of it.

4. The Tapi Project- Paigam.

The thing that sets Paigam apart is the backstory to the song, its origin and extremely authentic Kutchh feels that it ever so poignantly succeeds to push through the song. The music of Paigam has parts of Surando, a lost instrument that the band went out on their own to find and when they did, were rightfully awarded with its tune in their song. Paigam literally translates to the word message and the song is about the meaning of what we are saying, and how despite modern modes of communication (or maybe because of them), we are more and more estranged from each other.

5. Gooth- 2 Puffs of the cloud.

Gooth’s 2 Puffs of the Cloud takes you on a trip simply with husky vocals, and extremely intoxicating music. The lyrics are just as dissociated, doing proper and complete justice to the vibe of the song, coming together perfectly well, leveling up the overall feel of the song. The detailing in the background scores brings the song alive than it already is and makes it something that grows on you, slowly and steadily. Gooth’s 2 puffs of the cloud is one of those songs that take you back to the nights that are hazy, perfectly summing the experience in the matter of a few lines.

6. Gin City – Old and New.

Gin City feels close to what an American teen movie’s soundtrack feels like. Upbeat, rock and something you play when the protagonist drives away reeking of angst. The vocals and the music fall together and fit like a jigsaw puzzle, the music bringing out the absolute best in the song and setting the entire mood and premise of the same. The lyrics are poetically written, something you wouldn’t think appropriate with the music it is paired with, until you listen to it and realise what a match it is. An absolute gem.

7. Bhrigu Sahni- Lockdown Blues.

Bhrigu Sahani’s Lockdown Blues is relatable to a point where you can spend your lockdown days thinking about it and wondering how relatable it actually is. The song has a fun ‘I’m so done with covid just let me out please’ vibe to it and in the ever so gen z lingo, is an absolute mood. In between of everything one can’t help but notice how wonderfully well Bhrigu tones his vocals, hitting the right note at the right time, perfecting the song with the little dialogues here and there. The song is not just relatable but extremely catchy as well.

8. Fazal Khan- Intezaar.

Fazal Khan’s Intezaar is a song you’d find in a Sanjay Leela Bhansali or Imtiaz Ali movie. Soft as it is, majestically beautiful music as well as lyrics, deprivation for someone you love reeking from the words itself and a pure, pure piece of art. Intricately sung and even more intricately composed, the song is hauntingly peaceful, evoking a turmoil in your heart and yet, putting it to peace. Fazal’s voice is gorgeous, always in perfect control, and he knows his way through his art. Absolutely stunning.

9. Akshit Dhall- Kiss Me.

Take any Akshit Dhall tune and you’ll experience passionate feelings in view of the manner in which it is composed. The symbolism, the creative mind completely balanced with music and impacts that fit with the verses entirely well. Gifted with music as well as his words, Akshit’s Kiss Me is an ideal example of how mindfully he composes and creates his music. What makes the tune completely mesmerising is the stunning violin instrumental, alongside the delicate sound of the shower that takes and raises the whole feel of the tune to another level. Really, one of his best yet.

10. Ajuni – Night and Day

Ajuni’s Night and Day is a depiction of what goes inside the mind of a person who finds it hard to sustain themselves, emotions bearing too much of their power, their mind at a position of unease and restlessness and what it means to live with the feeling of extreme heaviness. The exasperation in her voice is evident, and comes naturally so. The lyrics rant out the feelings, merged with music that amplifies the effect of the song, even more. Ajuni’s voice is absolutely gorgeous, her words haunting and her art, extremely real.

Find your favorite musicians and send them and their music all the love that they deserve.