Mute The Saint prides itself in being the proud leader of the USP of a unique genre mix, that is the fusion of Indian classical music and metal.

Rewind back to 2015, ‘Mute The Saint’ was a skeptical project in the works. Ideated and founded by Indian Sitarist, Rishabh Seen, Mute The Saint rose from a dream to take the unconventional road and create music that inspires change. Like all great efforts, the journey to creating and gaining recognition for Rishabh Seen’s efforts was no easy feat. Repeated efforts of perfecting his idea and bringing it to the world blessed him with that fortune moment, when the fate of this idea would be changed.

Rishabh Seen gained popularity when his ‘Animals As Leaders’ sitar cover shot to fame via Youtube and received great appreciation worldwide. Metal Injection and Gear Gods were few of the portals to feature the youngster. Tosin Abasi from “Animals As Leaders” recognized the teen’s potential and since then Rishabh’s journey hasn’t been the same.

Come early 2016, Rishabh (sitar) along with Jared Sandhy (drums), Shashwat Kapoor (bass), and Josh Seguin (guitars) took the plunge into pioneering the way for a new era of fusion music with their project “Mute The Saint”.

MUTE presents the idea and importance of Silence and music being ornamentation of silence. Our music has no vocals, so that represents the idea of having MUTE in the name. SAINT represents the Idea of sacrifice and knowledge. MUTE THE SAINT : Represents telling the most unique, powerful and uplifting story by sacrificing the popular notion and yet presenting something really unique and precious that for example the knowledge a ‘Saint’ possess because of the sacrifices he has made.”

Rishabh Seen hails from a family of recognized Indian Classical musicians, and he too followed in the family tradition by pursuing music since an early age. Rishabh is an avid believer of his art form and believes it is the truest form of self-expression.

“99 Percent of the Indian Classical Musicians and Metal Musicians do it merely for the love and passion they have for it! Personally, I was 17 when I told my father and mother that I shall happily accept a road side tent as my home for the entire life but all I wish to do is be the best Sitar player that I can be and along with that, I do all in my power to Serve, spread, promote and preserve both Indian Classical and Metal Music.”

Rishabh Seen started the phenom of sitar-metal and the global fusion of Indian Classical with metal music. The road towards that journey came through as a pure artistic channel towards something Rishabh connected best with, after years of playing alongside other musicians as a sitar player. 

I realized that ”Electronic Versions of Indian Instruments” were really getting popular and people especially the youth was forgetting not only the sound and essence of Indian Instruments and music, but were also forgetting how for example a traditional Sitar Looks! “

“I still remember I was given the most Crappy Amplifier during a Band practice , after for example the Guitarist or the keyboard player chose the best amp in the room and was taken for granted just because I am a Sitar Player. I remember sitting on the uncovered ground on stage in over 20-30 Concerts even after demanding a riser on stage every time while every other musician had his her demands fully met.”

Once Rishabh’s sitar metal videos started going viral online back in 2015, it was a sign of acceptance globally, and Rishabh recognized this and wanted to do more than just introduce the world to an alternate genre; he wanted to change the face of it. After a frantic search for the right companions, Rishabh came upon his current band members, and Mute The Saint was born!

“We met online and shaped the album online without actually ever meeting because I stay in Delhi, Shashwat (Bass) stays in Himachal, Jared (Drums) stays in Bangalore and Josh (Guitar) stays in California and so meeting and writing was impossible so I made all the songs and mailed these guys explaining about parts and stuff and so it took almost an year but we finally made an album : Just by Emails!

The biggest achievement that the band prides itself upon is the mere fact that they brought a dream to reality. The fact that they can produce the music they connect with and share it with the world is an achievement within itself. Some of their most memorable performances include – The ‘Echoes of Earth Music Festival (Bangalore 2016), IIT New Delhi’s RENDEZVOUS  (New Delhi 2016), BITS Pilani Rocktaves (Jaipur 2016 ), TED Talks – TEDxMITID ( Pune 2016), TEDxAIIMS (New Delhi 2016), TEDxDTU (New Delhi 2017), Dessertarians Festival SelectCityWalk (New Delhi 2017) , Alt & pepper Music Festival  (Kerala 2016), Opening for Jazz Rock Legends – Guthrie Govan and Band at the Tangalwood Music Festival (Nepal), Pune Tattoo Convention 2016 and Hartwork Tattoo Festival 2016.

Mute The Saint joins an impressive roster of mammoth talents such as Maroon 5, Gojira, Ringo Star, Dream Theater, Jay Z, 50 Cent and Kings of Leon, to be signed by the renowned label, “Music Faktory”. 

Is there someone you listen to avidly?

Rishabh Seen : Animals As Leaders & Pt. Manu Seen (Sitar)
Jared Sandhy : Lamb Of God
Shashwat Kapoor : Dream Theater
Josh Seguin : Meshuggah
Mute The Saint will be seen rocking the city of Kolkata in August. Tickets and other details can be found here.
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