Beatfrenzy is a sound miracle waiting to happen to everyone who hasn’t yet been acquainted with the electronic beats of this vibrant artist!

Oswald Thombre aka Beatfrenzy’s journey and experiences with music started at a very young age, while the artist grew up learning to play the piano, guitar, bass, drums and saxophone. Oswald started off his stint with music under the moniker Ozzie which closely resounded with his own persona. Being inspired by rock greats such as The Doors, RHCP, Audioslave and Radiohead, before progressively transcending his tastes towards Daft Punk, Gorillaz, Fat Boy Slim, Prodigy and Chemical Brothers and then Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Wehbba, and Hot Since 82, Beatfrenzy is one of the hottest Deep House/Tech House/Techno DJ & Producers on the Indian EDM scene at the moment.

On how his life took a turn towards music, Beatfrenzy explains,  “Music has been very important to me and runs in the family. As a child, I learnt how to read and write music and have completed up to Grade 4 ( both Theory and Practical ) from ABRSM ( The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music ). This made me more interested in learning more about music and at the same time, I was introduced to Electronic Music, namely – Trance, Psychedelic, Drum and Bass, Techno, House etc.  As I started to do more research on the same, I was drawn more towards the sound of the “underground” and finally towards the final year of college, I had pretty much decided that this is what I wanted to do.”

Initially inclined towards going with the name Ozzie as his moniker, Oswald reasons out why the change in his moniker was necessary, “I initially wanted to go with Ozzie, but after my first release I was informed that I would have to change my moniker as there was already an Ozzie, with the same spelling doing the same genres of House and Techno as me. So I thought I’d be a bit creative and considered other options. I love beats and coming up with better and newer beats and bass lines is what I enjoy most about production and DJ-ing. The drums being at the core of all the instruments I play (apart from the piano, guitar, bass guitar & alto saxophone) is the reason I went with the name, also, while playing the drums too it looked like I was in a frenzy (Kidding – but then again I also love Hard Rock, Heavy Metal and Alt Rock. ;P ) – That’s how I went with Beatfrenzy.”

Beatfrenzy pursues music as a full-time indulgence; right from his day job to him putting in the hours into producing or planning his DJ sets. His day job entails working with Gently Altered, which is an Artist and Event Management Company based in Mumbai, post which he devotes his time to meticulous research and production of new music.  “The journey has been long, but patience and perseverance is the key. We are now in an industry which is already saturated with an infinite number of artists, Djs, producers. musicians etc. To strive hard for what you love is the hardest, but perseverance is the key.” 

Beatfrenzy is popular and loved for his genius in experimenting with Techno, Tech-House & Deep House music. A vision that the artist holds for the future, is to incorporate and play live instruments during his sets! Might we see him do that anytime soon? We really don’t know just how soon, but let’s just say it’s back to the lab again, before Beatfrenzy comes out at a time to surprise us with this truly exciting venture!

Looking back at his journey as an artist, it truly inspires to hear Oswald talk about the dedication and passion that has brought him to this stage in his life, “Being more than 2 years since I’ve started playing professionally, I look back and see that I have indeed come a long way. With the increase in the number of gigs and number of productions/remixes, I have achieved the love and support of many along the way, who believe in me as an artist and individual. Going ahead, there’s a lot more on the horizon, a lot more to accomplish and right now as an artist I’m really looking at just producing A – Grade material and moving at a successful steady rate.”

Beatfrenzy had recently performed at Gently Altered’s visual property called, Make Believe. When the artist isn’t occupied with producing music, he likes to unwind by watching a movie/T.V. series, reading or with some random jam sessions on the guitar, bass or drums. Beatfrenzy has an undying love for food, with a few favourites being steaks and sizzlers or anything non-veg! His love for food also translates to him getting into the kitchen and cooking.

An avid listener to various kinds of music, Beatfrenzy has a few favourites that he recommends to anyone who is looking to be inspired by the richness of sounds – Richie Hawtin, Wehbba, Maceo Plex, Dubfire, and Solomon. 

You can follow Beatfrenzy on Facebook here, and on Soundcloud here.