Its been a crazy week in the world of festivals. The highly anticipated Glastonbury weekend gave us plenty to talk about, as did Chris Martin randomly showing up at a bar in Delhi. From discovering a festival that takes place underwater to explaining how holding on to your festival wristband is harmful for you, The Sherp came across some really engaging content over the past seven days. So if you missed out on some of the Sherp’s top stories this week, here’s your chance to run through them all once again. 


1. Have You Heard Of The Underwater Music Festival?


Fish, funk, and festival have found their common ground, at the Underwater Music Festival, which is currently in it’s 31st year – and is all set to take place at the Looe Key, on the 11th of July, 2015. Read more HERE.


2. How Likely Are You To Tinder At A Festival? 



Take the quiz NOW !


3. Waving A Flag With A Pornagraphic Image Of Kim K Was The Most Juvenile Thing To Happen At Glastonbury 


While it’s a popular opinion that Kim K is not the most beloved of celebrities, slut shaming in such a public, aggressive and unprovoked manner is all kinds of unnecessary. Click HERE for more.


4. Hanging On To Your Festival Wristband Is A Really Bad Idea 


Find out why your 5-year old Coachella wristband is a disease magnet HERE.


5. This Is Why San Diego’s Comic Con Will Be All Kinds Of Awesome 


From fantasy fiction about dragons and ghouls to zombie apocalyptic situations, this year’s San Diego edition will reveal and feature some exciting first-looks and sneak-peaks into what lies in the future.


6. A Pictorial Recap Of Glastonbury 2015


According to the promoters, this year’s Glastonbury was “the best one yet, no doubt” and HERE are some pictures to prove just that.


7. 10 Things Almost Better Than The Beer At Oktoberfest 


HERE are some pretty incredible things you can do at Oktoberfest this year, sans the famous brewskis.


8. The Best Of Glastonbury 2015 


Kanye gets interrupted. Lionel Richie winds back the years. HERE is a comprehensive list of events that made Glasto 2015 truly special.


9. 12 International Festivals You Must Attend This July 


Possibly one of the most active months for festivals around the world, July has some exciting gatherings scheduled for each year. Check out some of the Sherp’s assorted picks HERE.


10. Pride Festivals Weekend: In Pictures


With the United States’ Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage ‘coming out’ just before the weekend began, pride parades all around, and in more than 135 countries, saw millions of people gather and celebrate to their heart’s content.  Check out some fantastic images HERE.


11. Hardwell’s ‘United We Are’ Foundation To Host A Free Concert In Mumbai


Click HERE to find out how Hardwell is doing his bit for the children on India.


12. In Other News: Chris Martin Played At A Pub In Delhi Last Night 


And, this happened. Read MORE.