For 5 days each year, the greatest live music show on the planet invites the best of today, tomorrow and years gone by, to a little farm in Somerset, England.  More than 170,000 people flocked to the Pilton Farm and the Sherp highlights some of the best moments for you: 


1.Kanye West slams his haters

Kanye West’s groundbreaking Pyramid Stage finale has definitely booked a spot in Glastonbury folklore. He’s renowned for being a bit of a controversy magnet, but his set was quite phenomenal, considering the petition that was filed to have him off the line-up before the festival began.  Kicking off with ‘Stronger’ seemed perfect, and the stage had a mechanical roof with some kickass lighting hovering over the rap star. The crowd made sure they gave Kanye a dose of what they thought about him headlining, and he was interrupted during his performance for a short period. He carried on with his set, unfazed by the obnoxious Kim Kardashian flag waving in the crowd, and in typical Kanye fashion – called curtains by addressing himself as the greatest rock star of all time. Perfection.


2. Florence and the Machine make sure no one misses Dave Grohl and co. 

Flo machine Emma Swann(Image Courtesy: Emma Swann)

As we all know, the Foo Fighters couldn’t make it to their headlining gig at Glastonbury this year because of a leg fracture Dave Grohl sustained (during a gig) a few weeks earlier, which bummed out the band more than it did its fans.  Florence and the machine stepped in to fill in for them, and boy! They really murdered it.  Vocal queen Florench Welch paid the rockers a fitting tribute by covering their classic ‘Times Like These’ in a performance that left the crowd astounded.


3. Patti Smith invited The Dalai Lama on stage

dalai lama jason briant(Image Courtesy: Jason Briant)

Tibet’s exiled spiritual leader made his first ever appearance at Glastonbury this year at the Pyramid stage alongside the legendary Patti Smith, as she greeted him with a birthday song ahead of his holiness’ 80th on the 6th of July this year. He also spoke about global issues during his speech but it wasn’t missing his exuberant self as he went on to compliment Patti’s vocal skills and enthusiasm. Brilliant to watch, this was one of the more heartwarming moments from the festival.


4. Security guards get into the groove with Lionel Richie 

Speaking of heartwarming moments, Lionel Richie delighted audiences with ‘Hello’ and even had a number of security guards join him during his performance. Never missing an opportunity to mingle with the audience, his set seemed like a smashing Karaoke session with more than 100,000 voices echoing – the largest ever crowd at the Glastonbury main stage.


5. Chet Faker mesmerises 

chet1(Image Courtesy: Youtube)

Australian powerhouse Chet Faker took the crowd for a captivating ride with his soulful solo performance. His frequent pauses were greeted with loud cheers at the tent, and his crisp voice fuelled the arena with a magical vibe. You need to check it out yourself:


6. Celebrity Spotting

A number of celebrities were spotted all across the festival grounds. From former England football international Rio Ferdinand to Coldplay’s Chris Martin, Glastonbury wasn’t short of popular faces. Check them out:

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7. The Kidz Field 

kidz field noisey(Image Courtesy: Noisey)

Tucked into a corner of the venue, the Kidz Field provided a perfect interactive area for toddlers to jump around.  Glastonbury’s audience demographic is huge, and hence, they invest a lot of time and effort towards catering to everybody present at the festival. The Kidz Field opened 21 years ago as Europe’s largest free children’s festival and the larger area allotted this year was a big plus for the little ones.


8. Mark Ronson + Tame Impala = Bliss 


Mark Ronson’s set was rammed with guest appearances such as George Clinton, Grandmaster Flash, and Mary J Blige. But the pick of the lot has to be the moment when Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker joined him on stage and dropped their recent collabs. Ronson’s epic Uptown Funk performance was seven minutes of groove you probably won’t witness anywhere else.   


9. FKA Twigs outstanding live show 

fka twigs siamak amini(Image Courtesy: Siamak Amini)

Britain’s multi-talented FKA Twigs spell binding fusion of dance, art and vocals was nothing short of breathtaking. Her captivating performance with her band was one of the most special Glastonbury sets ever, and witnesses claimed that it escalated their overall live music experience to another level.


10. The Who deliver the goods 

the who oscar quine(Image Courtesy: Oscar Quine)

Two hours of vintage rock music closed out the final day of Glastonbury as the legendary Who stepped up and delivered the best the Brits had in their locker. Roger Daltrey took note of what Kanye said the previous night and proclaimed that Elvis was still the king of rock. A fitting end to Glastonbury – The Who proved that age is just a number.