Still pinching ourselves. 

The entire country was greeted with a rude awakening this morning as news surfaced that Coldplay lead Chris Martin randomly came out and performed at two bars in Delhi’s Hauz Khas Village. Many of you may have come across the news on your feed late last night, refusing to accept the legitimacy of it, but we can affirm that the real Chris Martin was performing at the Summer House Cafe.

The AIB crew introduced Chris on to stage, as clueless party goers looked on in shock. Freida Pinto and Vishal Dadlani were also spotted at the venue last night as the cafe saw Chris Martin playing at acoustic set consisting of Viva La Vida, Fix You as well as Paradise. The Pentagram rocker went on a selfie spree last night, check it out below:  




Now we all know what’s on your mind. While we’d love to see one of the most phenomenal acts in the world perform in our own backyard, it seems as though Chris was on a Global Poverty Project drive along with Freida Pinto. His trip to India along with the actress is going to include meetings with government officials to discuss water, hygiene and sanitation situations. Here’s a recent picture of Chris, Freida and the rest of the Global Poverty Project team at the Kalyanpuri District in Delhi:


(Image Courtesy: Miss Malini) 

Quite a bummer, isn’t it? After watching your entire feed crawling with Coldplay news all morning, we’d certainly hoped a tour, or even a hint of a tour, would be on the cards. Coldplay’s fan base in India is as strong as any other country, and attending a Coldplay concert tops the bucket list when it comes to watching someone perform live. Just the sight of Chris Martin threw the entire country into a frenzy, we can’t imagine what will go down if they announce an official tour. Just putting it out there, Chris – India is ready.