Possibly one of the most active months for festivals around the world, July has some exciting gatherings scheduled for each year. Check out some of the Sherp’s assorted picks below:

1. Lovebox 


lovebox2(Images Courtesy: Lovebox Facebook)

As with past years, the London event brings together a sprawling cast of DJs and live acts that covers just about every sound people in the UK capital like to dance to, from house, techno and disco to drum & bass and garage. This year’s line-up has some special acts – Snoop Dogg and Rudimental to be precise.


2. MELT! (July 17-19) 

melt2 melt1

(Image Courtesy: MELT! Facebook)

Started in 1997 as a small-scale weekend for genre-defying music, Germany’s MELT! has transformed into one of Europe’s top house/tech music festivals. With a splendid lakeside camping location to boot, MELT! has a mixed bag of big names schedule to perform including – Jon Hopkins, Kylie Minogue, La Roux, Jamie xx and many more.


3. Comic Con (July 9 – 12) 

coiccon2 comiccon3

(Images Courtesy: Comic Con)

The world’s foremost comic, film and TV convention pulls in a large chunk of travellers from around the world. San Diego summers are pretty awesome, but sort out your entry soon due to the sheer numbers that land up attending the festival. You’re going to spot some of the most accurate cosplays at this 4-day festival, so simply strapping on something and heading here is not a wise option. The comic culture is taken pretty seriously here, and you’re bound to come across some Hollywood biggies.


4. EXIT (July 9 – 12)

exit1exit2(Images Courtesy: EXIT Facebook)

Serbia’s EXIT Festival is the one of the best festivals that mixes up radical politics, a beautiful setting, and unparalleled musical offerings. This heavyweight combo earns EXIT the distinction as one of the most sought-out summer music festivals in the world. The political significance of this festival is a major attraction, and they have one of the best camp sites in Europe.


5. Pitchfork (July 17 – 19)

pitchfork1pitchfork2(Image Courtesy: Pitchfork Facebook)

For those of you who need a breather from the overwhelming amount of EDM festivals sneaking up on you out of nowhere, here’s one with a lineup both eclectic and not driven by mainstream EDM acts. Pitchfork Music Festival has been a benchmark for all underground/rock festivals out there. This year, its back with a wonderfully eclectic lineup that’s a fair blend of rock, hip-hop, indie/pop and their respective sub-genres. Headlined by Wilco, Chance The Rapper, and the nearly forgotten Sleater-Kinney (remember Modern Girl?), this lineup looks pretty damn good so far.


6. Secret Garden Party (July 23 – 26)

secret garden1secret garden2

(Images Courtesy: The Secret Garden Party)

Magical, carnival-esque & charming, this annual independent festival for music and arts has been on The Sherp’s wishlist for quite some time now. SGP takes place in Abbots Ripton, near Huntingdon, England. The venue of which is its USP– a Georgian farm house accompanied by its own lake, river and gorgeous landscape.  The organizers concentrate on making the festival a visual experience with floating boats, crazy entertainment and a yearly theme. This year, it’s Childish Things, and hence, all the festival-goers are encouraged to kid around all they want.


7. Splendour In The Grass (July 24 – 26) 


(Images Courtesy: Splendour In The Grass Facebook)

If you somehow happen to head down under, there are very few gatherings as impressive as Splendour In The Grass. Australian musicians are absolutely killing it in the international scene, and Splendour In The Grass brings together the best among them, as well as other top notch international artists. With yoga sessions, circus acts and other miscellaneous activities to keep you busy, SITG also participates in plenty of humanitarian activities.


8. Tomorrowland (July 24 – 26) 


tland1(Images Courtesy: Tomorrowland Facebook)

This one requires no formal introduction. This is the world’s most popular music festival, and with good reason. The headlining acts they assemble are the leading names in dance music, and the bandwidth of names is immense. Even if you step away from the line-up, the sheer size and quality of the festival in terms of art, management is second to none. Having expanded to Brasil this year is another feather in their cap, with their North American edition (TomorrowWorld) already becoming one of the continent’s most populated festivals. Belgium is the real deal though, you can’t call yourself an EDM fan if you don’t have this on your bucket list.


9. World Body Painting Festival (July 3 – 5) 


body1(Images Courtesy: World Bodypainting Festival Facebook)

The world’s finest ink convention kicks off in early July with artists from more than 40 countries flocking to Austria for this 3 day festival. Unlike other tattoo festivals, WBF is quite family friendly as it conducts activities for little kids too. A haven for photographers, Austria’s body-painting festival is a vibrant cacophony of music, colours and art.


10. The Garden Festival (July 1 – 9) 


garden2(Images Courtesy: The Garden Festival Facebook)

Croatia’s Garden Festival has single handedly put the country on the global festival map. It’s home to some of the wildest beach parties, and this will be the last year of the festival. Packed with quality DJ’s and acts, you need to catch this 8-day festival one last time.


11. San Fermin Festival (July 6 – 14)

bull1 bull2

(Images Courtesy: San Fermin Facebook)

Pamplona’s bullfighting festival is an ancient affair being carried out for the best part of 500 years. Dangerous yet alluring, this festival is not for the faint hearted. A number of injuries are reported each year, as men are chased down by fierce bulls through the narrow streets of Pamplona. Many believe that the festival has degraded into a frat party, but it’s definitely worth experiencing once in your lifetime.

12. EDC UK (July 11)

edcuk1 edcuk2

(Images Courtesy: EDC Facebook)

EDC’s fine global reputation as one of the most artistically supreme festivals has always been adored by it’s loyal fanbase. Its UK edition is one of the country’s best electronic music showcases. Last year’s 360 degree stage was absolutely brilliant and the cathedral stage for this year has been equally well designed. London has something special in store for them this year.