It’s been a proud, pride-filled weekend all across the globe, and with the United States’ Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage ‘coming out’ just before the weekend began, pride parades all around, and in more than 135 countries, saw millions of people gather and celebrate to their heart’s content! 

Kim Hong Ji via Reuters - Seoul :: Quartz

(Image Courtesy: Kim Hong Ji via Reuters // Quartz)

The Sherp has always been a fan of the LGBTQ Community, and we’ve seen a bunch of really interesting LGBTQ festivals, but this year’s pride weekend was something else altogether! Here’s our recap of the best Pride moments from around the world:

Eduardo Munoz via Reuters - NYC :: PBS Newshour

(Image Courtesy: Eduardo Munoz via Reuters // PBS Newshour)

While the world sure did paint itself in rainbows, New York was, in the most literal sense covered in rainbows, with over 22,000 people walking the parade, and over a million visitors flowing in and out of the city throughout, NYC’s pride was nothing short of a historic venture!

While the concrete jungle was abound with slogans and signs of equality, coexistence, and hope – way out in San Francisco, over a million other people came out to celebrate their historical weekend at the pride themed “Equality Without Exception” – making it one of the biggest events to have taken place in the region, ever!

The slogan, #LoveWins, was smeared all across posters, totems, bodies, walls, and other things that we’re leaving to your imagination; with everyone geared up for this year’s pride – it was only fair that people recognised the importance of providing rights to every citizen!

Lucy Nicholson via Reuters - California :: PBS Newshour

(Image Courtesy: Lucy Nicholson via Reuters // PBS Newshour)

At the SF Pride Parade, attendees were going ALL-OUT! With plentiful music, dance, fashion, and culture being paraded around the streets of San Francisco, even the animals showed their support! Here’s a few glimpses of what went down there;

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(Image[s] Courtesy: The LA Times)

From San Francisco, to Seoul, pride parades everywhere were the most happy, joyous, and bounteous almost-festivals this year; and even though there were some that opposed these gatherings by raising slogans that said “Hell is upon you! Repent!“, they were only greeted with love and smiles, and waving rainbow flags!

Ed Jones via AFP - Seoul Despite Opposition :: Forbes

(Image Courtesy: Ed Jones via AFP // Forbes Magazine)

Pride In London, however, witnessed a week long celebration of arts, culture, music, and general flamboyance with the London Gay Symphony Orchestra, arts exhibitions, and much much more!

(Image Courtesy: [1] & [2] The Guardian [3] Neil Hall via Reuters // PBS Newshour)

While the parade proceeded in various countries and cities, in Berlin, straight through the Brandenburger Tor – thousands of people gathered to walk for Pride, and it was, phenomenal.

Fabrizio Bench via Reuters - Berlin :: PBS Newshour

(Image Courtesy: Fabrizio Bench via Reuters // PBS Newshour)

But boy, did we save the best for last – way out in Washington DC, support came right from the top, and when we said that the world was painted in rainbows, we meant it –

LA Times 7

(Image Courtesy: The LA Times)

With the White (we mean Rainbow-Coloured) House having it’s façade redecorated for the day, festivities across the globe were at full swing!

That’s all we’ve got for this year’s pride weekend, here’s to a happier, prouder, colourful, and gayer life for everyone!