Fish, funk, and festival have found their common ground, at the Underwater Music Festival, which is currently in it’s 31st year – and is all set to take place at the Looe Key, on the 11th of July, 2015. 

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The Florida Keys are home to the only remaining continental coral barrier reefs in the United States of America, and to celebrate the need to conserve their biodiversity, and of course, a passion for diving and music, the Underwater Music Festival takes its attendees to a realm below-sea-level, wherein they get to groove to the music, dive, snorkel, play their underwater instruments, and do a lot more – just as long as their imagination serves them right.

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One of the most unique aspects of this festival, apart from its location underwater – is that it is a gathering of ‘afishionados‘, who believe in protecting the diverse ecological spectrum, as well as technology that might help in doing so across the Florida Keys.

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Though the festival does not boast of a whacked out line up, they do however, play pre-selected radio-broadcasts through their underwater speakers to almost 600-attendees every year, the music is water-centric, and from the hearsay, it’s only music that sounds good under the water, and above it!

Not only does the festival have it’s own little underwater party vibe going for it, the party, each year – comes with a theme (which could honestly be anything water & marine life related!), like “Eel-ection Antics” or “Barackuda Obama”, and even the Beatles themed “Paul McCarpney” & “Ringo Starfish”, and those that adhere stand to win awards and titles in addition a plethora of goodies for themselves!

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While themes are always a good thing, the opportunity to take part in a festival wholeheartedly, only comes when attendees get to take matters into their own hands – and here at the Underwater Music Festival, each attendee can bring along his or her underwater instruments (essentially, phoney, but totally real instruments), and play along to the music, sponsored by US1 Radio!

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The Underwater Music Festival, is not a typical, generic festival that caters to the outward senses of its patrons. It is a festival of immense calibre and effect, as it plays not only to your superficial sensory perceptions, but also deeper, inner ones that evoke emotive responses and feelings of joy!

We, at the Sherp can’t wait to see what goes