According to the promoters, this year’s Glastonbury was “the best one yet, no doubt” and here are some pictures to prove just that.


1. Pilton Farm mornings were something out of a dream, windy and gorgeous.


2. While the sun was out, people made merry. Colourful teepess and windmill towers were quite the sight!


3. Then the rain came….and this happened. Of course.

Ben Birchall PA WIRE
(Image Courtesy : Ben Birchall/ PA WIRE/Buzzfeed Uk)


4. BUT! That didn’t stop anyone from showing up, glasto-ready.

tomwidd2(Image Courtesy : Tom Widd/


5. Let’s take a moment to admire the outfits and costumes on display. 


6. The campsites were the epitome of relaxation, with some enjoying an afternoon drink or massage. #CampingGoals

tomwidd1(Image Courtesy : Tom Widd/


7. His Holiness, Dalai Lama showed up as well. The crowd sang happy birthday for the adorable man, while he told them happiness is the only thing to strive for. Truly and inspiring moment for Glastonbury history.

jason bryant(Image Courtesy : John Bryant/


8. Yeezy came, saw and conquered.


9. Lionel Richie’s performance was lovely. But it was the handmade totems and flags that stole the damn show!


10. *no words*

Glasto-Theatre-and-Circus-2015 - charles davis
(Image Courtesy: Charles Gervais)


11. The Glastonbury theatre was all kinds of spectacular, showcase acrobats, plays, skits and theatrical performances from all over the world.

charles gervais2(Image Courtesy: Charles Gervais)


12. Silver Hayes and The Arcadia


13. Watching the sunset from stone circle is hardcore tradition. For obvious reasons.

coatman25 2
(Image Courtesy :


14. The Who wrapping it up


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15. Until, next year!