This sombre first week in June saw some interesting, intense, and very very international happenings, if you happened to miss any of the action, fret not! Here’s The Sherp’s round up of the top news and stories!

  1. The 9-Year old DJ at the Sunset Music Festival!


Meet John Anthony, the youngest addition to the American electronic music scene. When most kids are playing tag and collecting Pokemon cards, Anthony is playing his phenomenal set at Florida’s Sunset Music Festival alongside headliners Tiesto, Skrillex and Armin van Buuren, driving the crowd wild.

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  1. Exposé; by Mat Zo

mat zo alex perez

According to Zo, only a handful of musical pioneers are actually given the privilege of headlining a festival. Read on, right here!

  1. Ozora’s Crazy Psy-Trance Line-Up


Considered one of the largest and most cutting  edge festivals in the psychedelic trance music scene, this six day mega event sees fans of the genre descend on Hungary in the millions. The festival features some of the biggest names in the scene and some over-the-top production that promises to make it a truly memorable event.

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  1. Win a trip to EDC through Breezer! Whaaaa!


The people behind Breezer Soundhike have a single-point agenda. Allowing you to have the craziest travel experience of your life, while they manage your stay, ticket fares and everything involved to make your journey the most comfortable one! And what’s the catch? Absolutely nothing, really.

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  1. Tomorrowland’s 5 new stages!

tomorrowland_listing (2)


The 2015 edition of Tomorrowland has already packed in a lot of buzz with names like David Guetta, Avicci, Hardwell and Tiesto part of the line-up.

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  1. Sunburn & Supersonic may not be held in Goa this year?!


The Goa Coastal Zone Management Authority (GCZMA) puts their proverbial foot down and says no to the large scale EDM festivals that cause just as big an aftermath.

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  1. Doggie Loving & Festivals
for sunday features - pet portraits - Cade Russo-Young with dog, Dixie. PHOTO CREDIT Jesse Freidin

Image Courtesy: Jesse Freidin

No leash zones, high jump contests, puppy limbo parties and costume parades – These festivals are perfect for your cuddly pooch.

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  1. The Glastonbury Line-Up that’s sure to blow your mind!


Their line-up announcements are always looked forward to by audiences from around the world, and yet again, they haven’t disappointed.

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  1. Rudimental is back THIS MONTH!


In the bevy of insane international talent that’s been cannonballing into India recently, looks like Rudimental is up for round deux.

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  1. The Sherp’s Interview with Atish

atish cover

The Sherp bumped into and had a long chat producer and DJ Atish at Lightning In A Bottle –

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