For all those who’ve wished to be a part of the motley crew that makes Las Vegas the biggest centre of the world, Breezer Soundhike is here to make it happen. And they’re taking you to Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) while at it!

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Sitting in India, how many of us have wished to be a part of the crowd that makes up the most happening cities in the world? And most, not counting the few lucky privileged people, have felt left out trying to even make it happen. Well we understand, it’s an extremely expensive world out there. Except few benevolent people have come together to make your travel wishes come true!

The people behind Breezer Soundhike have a single-point agenda. Allowing you to have the craziest travel experience of your life, while they manage your stay, ticket fares and everything involved to make your journey the most comfortable one! And what’s the catch? Absolutely nothing, really. Except you can enter regular contests, and the chosen winner gets to have three of his friends accompany him for the corresponding trip, all-expenses-paid! Isn’t that brilliant?

Breezer Soundhike promises to take travel aficionados to the grandest world cities, like Belgium, Las Vegas, Miami, California, and the list goes on. For the first edition, Breezer Soundhike is all set to take you to the legitimate party capital of the world, Las Vegas. An introduction to Las Vegas is absolutely unnecessary, but everybody recognises it as the ultimate lifestyle experience. With round-the-clock clubbing avenues, discotheques, casinos, party destinations, shopping options, desert, and even weddings (wink!), there is no one particular reason why Las Vegas pretty much rules as a tourist destination. So as a winner, getting to visit Las Vegas, with three of your chosen friends to literally have the best time of your life is pretty much the greatest thing you’ve read this summer. Except, along with the party experience, Breezer also understands the music lover in you and will take you to Electric Daisy Carnival, one of the biggest electronic music gatherings in the world, and guess what? You’ll have Sahej Bakshi of Dualist Inquiry fame for company while at it!

In the month of June, Las Vegas turns into an actual electronic music hub by playing host to the Electric Daisy Carnival. It draws in some dedicated electronic music fans from around the world for a three day expedition that involves fun and absolute madness. This year, the festival features the stars from the electronic walk of fame, including the likes of Hardwell, Martin Garrix, Avicii, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and Fatboy Slim. And you will be get to be a part of all the fun. Three of your friends, Dualist Inquiry for company, experiencing Las Vegas close and personal throughout, EDC, and all this paid for! Sounds perfect?
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All you need to do is head to the Breezer India page, or consecutively, you can participate in the contest here. You just have to enter the contest, tell them about the craziest thing you’ve done at a music festival, and count your luck, while they decide the winner. You must have a valid USA visa to take part. Please note that.

So stay tuned as Breezer Soundhike takes you for the ride of a lifetime!

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