“Maybe if I wear glasses I’ll look twenty-four.”


1. “How do I get a drink?”

I hope the bartender doesn’t notice my under-21 band.

Confidence. Confidence is the key.



2. “Can I go backstage?”

Maybe if I tell them I’m with the band, they’ll let me through. 


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3. “How much slutty is too much slutty?”

I hope no one is wearing the same outfit as I am.

Probably not, mine is totally original. I just hope my flower crown stays in place.

Besides, I haven’t clicked a single selfie with it on yet.

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4. “OMG the lighting is so good I don’t even need a filter.”

Uploads selfie.


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5. While waiting in line…

Oh, that girl/guy is cayuute.

I hope they think I’m cute.

Maybe I should friend them on Facebook.

Security is checking my bag. What if they find the cigarette I hid in the back pocket. OMG what if they find my tampon?!

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6. “Mom’s calling. CODE RED! CODE RED!”

How do I convince her I’m at my friend’s parents’ anniversary?

OMG she wants to pick me up. I hope she doesn’t see the cute boy/girl talking to me.

Or notice the fact that I smell like a wine shop and stale cigarettes.

Maybe I should just crash at my friend’s place. 

Maybe we can drink some more on the way there.

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7. “Those guys on stage look at least a 100 years old.”

This band was probably popular before I was born.

When’s Nucleya going to come on stage?

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8. Lip syncing to lyrics I don’t know…

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9. “OMG why do people bring their kids to a music festival?”

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10. “That kid looks like he’s 14, how’d they even let him in?”

There are so many kids here this year, it’s not even funny. 

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Disclaimer: We’re almost positive that there’s at least one of you underage festival-goers being all, ‘that is so not me‘ at every sentence in the above article. And that’s fine. We’re not out to stereotype here. This article was written by two uber-innocent, festival-attending, underage kids too. We hope that there was no sentiment hurt, or anger ensued (put those pitchforks and torches away, folks). We’re here to create a humorous image of the typical underage festival-goer that we, at Festival Sherpa, have come across. But hey, at least our tickets are cheaper! Cheers to being under 21!

Anupama Khedkar & Karan Kumar, Legit (Sort-of) Members of the Sherparmy