The Hungarian gathering, one of the leading psychedelic music events on the globe, has just revealed it’s smashing August roster.




An army of the best psychedelic artists from around the world will assemble in Hungary this August, as the leading festival brand for psy-trance has just released it’s official line-up.  Since 2011, the Ozora festival has been attracting audiences from all over the globe at it’s magnificent venue, and the major credit for their intense traction must be awarded to their undivided focus on providing an overall festival experience with the best independent names in the world.


Considered one of the largest and most cutting  edge festivals in the psychedelic trance music scene, this six day mega event sees fans of the genre descend on Hungary in the millions. The festival features some of the biggest names in the scene and some over-the-top production that promises to make it a truly memorable event. Without further adieu, check out the line-up below:


India will be well represented at Ozora with a number of established local artists, most notably – Jehan Johar aka Janux. You can check out more about his psychedelic adventures HERE.

(All Images Courtesy: Ozora Festival Facebook)