You think an 11-year-old DJ playing at a festival was the craziest thing ever? Then this 9-year-old will blow your mind. 

Very recently we heard that an 11-year-old was DJing at his first music festival – and killing it. There are very few things that can top something like that, and this is one of them.


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Meet John Anthony, the youngest addition to the American electronic music scene. When most kids are playing tag and collecting Pokemon cards, Anthony is playing his phenomenal set at Florida’s Sunset Music Festival alongside headliners Tiesto, Skrillex and Armin van Buuren, driving the crowd wild.

We hear Anthony has been DJing since he was six (?!) and even has his own festival aftermovie. The young man says he has an affinity towards deep house and trap and draws his inspiration from Zedd and Tiesto and was obsessed with Deadmau5 when he was “really, really young” (ahem).

Don’t be surprised if we come reporting a six-year-old rockin’ a music fest next moth. We know we won’t be. Keep tabs for more festival news, folks.