In the producer’s latest ranting spree, he reveals that the title of ‘festival headliner’ usually goes to the highest bidder.  

mat zo alex perez(Image Courtesy: Alex G Perez Photography)

Mat Zo‘s been on a bit of a roll lately. His most recent tweets have been pretty revealing as he shared his thoughts about the music industry and even went on to retweet a post that unmasked the ghost producers used by some of the most popular electronic music figureheads of today. His allegations take on every single trend that we’ve been witnessing as the electronic music industry has progressed over the years – from ghost production, name sake DJ’s and many other topics, Mat Zo also went on to claim that the top DJ’s in the world have been buying their way into headlining music festivals.



According to Zo, only a handful of musical pioneers are actually given the privilege of headlining a festival. A list which includes – Skrillex, Deadmau5, Above & Beyond and Eric Prydz. He went on to speak about the frustrations faced by each and every person involved in the industry, as the wheels of the system are continually steered by rich and famous who can buy their way out (or into) virtually anything these days.



He received plenty of stick from fellow producers around the world for his outburst, especially after he retweeted a list of ghost producers went absolutely viral. Check it out below:  



There’s enough fodder on Mat Zo’s Twitter profile that will urge you to think about what goes on behind the scenes. Everything that he’s said is a fair reflection of how things function in the world of ‘EDM’ and the Sherp thinks it’s unfair that fellow producers are making a mockery out of him with their responses. Mat Zo is a versatile artist who has an innately splendid sense of sound and his rant should serve as a wake up call for the industry and more importantly, you – the fans who actually consume the music that’s presented to you.

Here are two tweets that encapsulate everything: