Miraculously vulnerable and honest music from one of the best up and coming Indian singers!

Natania Lalwani, the Indian pop singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles known for her single “Cherry Love” is working on new music which has already started hitting our ears up since this February! The sweet and talented 24 year old human loves being in the moment and celebrates her little dreams when they come true. She wakes up every morning to her own little dance party while cooking breakfast and if you do not think that’s fun, please go away. We love Natania and you will too! Don’t believe me, just listen.

As a part of the songwriting duo “Hits & Giggles”, Natania writes music for other artists in the US and had two big releases this month with over 140,ooo streams on SoundCloud and 15,ooo on Spotify! About her successful career so far, she is all hearts and says,”I’m really happy with everything that has happened in my career so far, but I know that this is just the start. This year, happiness was a Rolling Stone Feature, a song being placed on X Factor and getting to write at Capitol Records with my songwriting partner and work wife, Asha Madhukar!” 

“When I Was Young” has been charting on the top 50 of SoundCloud already.

Natania was chosen to work with Desmond Child at his studio in Nashville in 2016! She has worked for X Factor Australia, ESPN, Late Night with Seth Meyers, Esquire Network, Celebrity Big Brother, A Current Affair, and Teen Mom in just the last year and we have to say, 2017 can be assured to be full of many other opportunities.

Credits: Melanie D’Andrea

In case you haven’t noticed, she doesn’t have a moniker. It’s quite an unusual thing in today’s world where everyone has constantly been striving to be the most unique individual. Well, Natania is quite unique because she is just herself, and about this her thoughts are,“I’m always striving to be vulnerable and authentic in my music and I think that means giving so much of myself to a record, that for me personally it would be weird to have a moniker – I love being able to expose myself as just Natania.”

Born and brought up in Mumbai, she attended Cathedral and John Connon school and was part of The Stop-Gaps Choral Ensemble, one of India’s most prestigious choirs. She was featured on Music Connection’s list “HOT 100 Unsigned Artists” that has featured artists like Sara Bareilles apart from collaborating with artists like Neon Hitch, Caroline Pennell, Humble The Poet, Tim Mitchell, Leslie Grace and Stolar. Soon there shall be no soul alive who doesn’t know Natania Lalwani. Soon.

Credits: Melanie D’Andrea

Natania realized she wanted to sing when she understood that it helped her process her emotions like no other activity in the world. “I was 15 and I had had my heart broken and I picked my guitar (I only knew 4 chords at the time – but that’s all you need right?) and I wrote my first song and it was this release of everything inside me and it allowed me to process the moment and what I really wanted to say – it lit a fire inside me,” she elaborates.

There have been some highs and lows like in any other journey but she would do it all over again, just the same, without regrets. Her only advice to budding artists is,”Be passionate, craft your talent but always be vulnerable. Be hungry not thirsty, hustle, be humble, positivity is key, let the blows go fast and always take in the highs – it’s magical!

There are somethings you might want to know about her besides her awesome music singing and writing skills.

1.Recently, she has been obsessed with music from LANY but a go to is always Ed Sheeran!
2. She is obsessed with candles and face masks.
3. She spends way too much money on candles, it’s a problem.
4. She is the season one winner of MTV’S Project Aloft Star India!
5. Candles and face masks and music slaaaaaaay.

She will be visiting India in June and might perform her heart out, so keep an ear out!