Coachella takes art to new heights!

The art installations at Coachella have always been iconic. Over the years, Coachella has displayed several pieces of art that embody the individuality and spirit of the festival. Here is a list of some of the most memorable art installations over the years.


                                                                           1. Katrina Chairs 

Credit: Coachella Music and Art Festival

Artist: Alexandre Arrechea 

This installation from 2016 by Cuban artist, Alexandre Arrechea, towered over concert goers as they enjoyed the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, in Indio.


  2. TRASHed

Credit: Coachella Music and Art Festival

Artist: Various
Founded in 2004, TRASHed was created in order to encourage festival goers to recycle by using cool trash cans designed by local artists.
                                                                     3. Balloon Chain

Credit: Coachella Music and Art Festival

       Artist: Robert Bose (New York, New York)

       This floating sculpture twisted and turned with the Coachella breeze.

  4. Corporate Headquarters

Credit: Coachella Music and Art Festival

      Artist: Derek Doublin and Vanessa Bonet

2015 brought us Corporate Headquarters, an amazing installation that was staffed so it could run through the day and deep into the night.


 5. Cryochrome

Credit: Coachella Music and Art Festival

     Artist: James Peterson

Cryochrome, was a creative refuge for festival-goers seeking a safe break from the heat. The 2015 installation was bus-sized and had an outer shell covered in CDs, and an inside that looked like it was made of bubbles. Taking a walk through the structure yielded a disorienting experience, due to its inability to sit totally still.

                                                                  6. Escape Velocity

Credit: Coachella Music and Art Festival

       Artist: Poetic Kinetics

The 36-foot-tall astronaut that drifted around the festival is undoubtedly one of the most popular installations to come out of Coachella 2015. The astronaut featured radio-controlled animatronics, giving it the ability to make thumbs-up signs and more. It was even equipped with projection mapping technology, allowing visitors to have their face projected onto its helmet and even have their names appear on the moon man’s name tag.


7. Portals

Credit: Coachella Music and Art Festival

           Artist: Phillip K Smith

The piece was arranged in a circle 85 feet in diameter with a mesquite tree in the center. Surrounding it were room-like spaces: eight “portals”, which feature pulsing, LED-powered concentric circles that allow viewers to “bathe in the light” after sunset. The piece’s wall was made of steel columns covered in mirrors, which both reflect the festival scene outside and allow viewers to peer inside.


8. Jive joint

Credit: Coachella Music and Art Festival

     Artist: Super Tall Paul and Rossome

The Jive Joint from 2015 was an experiential Art Installation, featuring a colourful, cartoonish, Jazzy and New Orleans style house, complete with a front yard and white picket fence. Here, the artists entertained the special guests with a series of performances like dancing, singing and on the spot music looping that left them wanting some more.

                                                               9. Solitary Inflorescence 

Credit: Coachella Music and Art Festival

Artist: Poetic Kinetics (Los Angeles, California)

This enormous flower rose above the crowds and danced in the sky. Camera men could sometimes be found in the petals videotaping moments of the festival.


  10. Reflection Fields

Credit: Coachella Music and Art Festival

      Artist: Phillip K Smith 

This 2014 installation caught everyone’s attention. A two-story-tall mirror installation that reflected the festival, desert, and surroundings—giving the impression that it was twice as long. At night, the LEDs glowed from within, bathing bystanders in an array of colors.

Coachella goes down on the April 14th-16th as well as April 21st-23rd. Check out the Facebook page here.