Murklin’s Dushyant Goel opens about his music and more! 

Dushyant Goel had a simple plan to find a niche between a club/grove Tech sound and deeper variants of deep techno music which in his words would be described as ” Deep – House, Deep – Tech & Tech – House primarily”. Interesting yet sophisticated and that is exactly what he has achieved with his project Murklin.

Inspired by Carl Jung’s quote “The decisive question for man is: Is he related to something infinite or not?” the producer knew that music was that infinite connection he felt and was fascinated by it early on in his life, but the professional bug hit him a bit later on. It was such a natural process that just flowed from being a former research analyst to splitting his time between production and working at Studio/artist agency SoundSpeaks which definitely keeps him surrounded by music all day long.

But for some down time, Goel likes to not just read and watch movies but also has a huge interest in conspiracy theories, philosophy and cyberpunk animation. When asked if that could be the origin for his moniker he answered, “Someone used to call me that, I think. The word was there way before I needed a moniker, so when the time came, it just stuck. It is like something murky, perhaps a goblin. I like the way it sounds more than what it means.”

The music journey he’s had so far has changed him for the better. “It has helped me come out of my own shell from an extreme introvert to a person who likes connecting with people and different energies. It makes you humble because no matter how much you put in, you only have a piece of the puzzle. The best musicians in the world are still learning new techniques and that is something that always fascinates me. Its like there is always more to learn.” This explains his wish to work with more ambient soundscapes and off beat percussion. After all, EDM legend Aphex twin and Steven Wilson happen to be his all-time favourite artists to listen to.

On looking back on what he’s achieved he says, “I have accomplished a few things that I only imagined at a time, like sharing the stage with some of my favorite artists and playing in most of the major venues and making all these beautiful people dance. Although, when I look back, the things that seemed like big accomplishments seem like mere stepping-stones on a journey that has just begun. When I look at the artists I admire and follow, I know I have a long way to go.”

His advice to young musicians entering this realm would be to think of music as a vibe so you find your sound and make a difference. “An entertainer creates to please his audience and an artist creates to please his soul. Decide which one you want to be. You can be both too.”

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All Image Courtesy: Courtesy of the artist