The World’s largest paint party might just make its way to India, this year!

Folks listen up! This just might be the biggest and most exciting announcement this year, and you’ll know it if you’ve been living at all! LIC – Life In Color, might just make its way down to India for the largest paint party ever! A source close to us reveals that a certain promoter is in talks to bring the popular troupe down to India. The venue is most likely to be Hyderabad, in September 2017, where the party will go down.

Click here to check out the video and know just how dream-like these parties get!

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Now, when this news hit us we just couldn’t bear our own! The troupe is known for their larger than life parties that feature the best of EDM acts, soaring aerial acts, neon paints, stilt walkers, contortionists, and fire shows, this without a doubt is a party unlike any other. It’s like one gigantic Holi party filled with bloody good music! Can we ask for more?


Could this be the biggest party that India is waiting to witness?

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