Shamir Christië, grew up in a Christian household being surrounded with all kinds of music, and it is here where his inspiration for music grew.

True to his moniker, Shamir Christië leads a lifestyle where music is his life and partying his novocaine. The artist explains his choice of moniker as such, I have an image where my family and friends say… I am a very lazy kind of person. But keeping all my laziness aside, I meet people, party with them, not keeping time in mind, more of a PRODIGAL SON. But when it comes to work i am very energetic. So i came up with this name ‘FRISKY’ – which is live and energetic, ‘PRODIGAL’ – from my lifestyle..”

The journey towards music started at a really young age for Shamir, in terms of being inspired by the different kinds of music that was part of his household while growing up.

Being a christian they say god has inserted a music chip by default in christians. From beginning my family members are into music by hobby. I used to hear music what my family members used to play. Different family members play different kind of music. So i used to listen variety of genres say bollywood classical to old english retro music.” 

Shamir has been pursuing his passion for music since the past 14 years and has always looked to go down the unconventional road. “I am Djing from past 14 years, touring India from an early age. From beginning I  used to play more of a non-commercial Music than trending commercial music. I used to play tunes which were not even featured in top charts.”

The DJ finds his solace in sharing his passion with people who attend his gigs and always look for more information about his unconventional choice for international music.

I am really thankful to my family, when i told them i am going to choose Djing as my profession just after my 12 board exams and they were very happy to hear that our child is chasing his dreams which is always going to be music. I am really thankful to all my close friends who believed in me and supported me.  After looking back I realize I have earned a lot of RESPECT as a DJ”, the DJ speaks on the biggest support he’s had growing in the industry.

Shamir draws his musical inspirations by keeping his mind open and exploring different kinds of music that isn’t necessarily mainstream music. While there are no official dates yet for any of his upcoming gigs, we do know that the DJ is working on a couple of simultaneous projects such as ‘Tech Set Go’ which is a techno series and ‘LOST IN THE WORLD OF PROGRESSIVE’ a sunset sessions mix.

Frisky Prodigal best identifies with House music, Deep-House, Techno, minimal, Melodic Progressive music, Melodic and Vocal Trance, Uplifting Trance, Psychedelic Music and continually channels his inspirations towards creating a unique set each time he gets up in front of a crowd to perform.

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All images: Courtesy of the Artist.