Justin Bieber and David Guetta’s track sounds just as awesome as you’d expect it! 

Two days ago, Justin Bieber sent the world into a frenzy when he revealed that he would be dropping a track in collaboration with David Guetta. Bieber took to social media to post snippets and teasers of the track and fans have been waiting in high anticipation for the official release.

Well, that day has finally come and this track sounds every bit as amazing as we thought it would be! The duo make for a good collab with Justin Bieber’s pop infused vocals and David Guetta’s dance music production skills. The track is catchy, feel-good and reels you in time for the chorus to croon your heart out! The video of ‘2U’ features Victoria’s Secret Models lip syncing along to the song and the visuals do justice to the party vibe and sultriness of the track.

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