Let’s welcome new talent, shall we?

It is a misconception that popular artists suddenly come out of nowhere and get instant recognition. Artists are not just propelled into the industry based on their luck. There are probably thousands of talented artists out there who need encouragement and a dose of stardom but can only continue to make their work better in the hope of being discovered.

Most of today’s big artists have been pursuing their careers for many years. Did you know David Guetta had a 20-year DJ career before he got recognition for “A Little More Love”?

Today we will talk about a DJ hailing from Mumbai – Sync!

Firstly, we’ll let his work do the talking. When asked about his favourite remix, he said that “Closer by The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey (Sync Remix)” is his best remix yet. Check it out below :

Born Abhishek Pillai, he is currently in the pursuit of becoming one of the finest producers in Mumbai, and eventually, India. His dedication has taken him from just a potential producer with a penchant for dance music to a recognized DJ who continues to make immense progress. While attending Swedish House Mafia’s Sunburn Arena in Mumbai 2013, Sync realized how he wanted to create music and has never looked back since then. He has produced and performed music for private gigs like Ramy’s Rhythm, Mumbai (November 2016), Devon Music, Mumbai (4th April 2016) and Ja_Sound, Goa (3rd September 2016).

Credits: facebook.com/Dan9076437

Sync has been producing music for a year now and is mainly adept at his Electro House Remixes which have proved to be swell hits. He produces music in genres like Electro House, Progressive House, Trap, Big Room, House and is determined to experiment with more in the future. He follows Miles Davis and believes in “Don’t play what’s there, play what’s not there.

He has learnt a lot about DJing from Bob Omulo aka MC Bobkat while studying “Advance Disk Jockey and Music Production” from Livewires: The Media Institute in Andheri, Mumbai. He was recently awarded ‘The Best Producer’ title from his Institute and has his eye on some national titles.

Check out this snippet for his upcoming remix :

With an ever-growing but currently 4.5 K fan-following on his Instagram account,we asked him about what he wishes from his listeners and he replied “I would like to say that the main thing is encouragement and the support you give to an artist, whether it’s from friends, family, fans, anyone. That is what makes all the difference.

Check out his Social Links for more dope on his sounds and what’s in store for the budding producer.

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