Agam Walia began pursuing music while in his second year of college education and hasn’t looked back since!

Rewind back to 2010, Agam Walia was still pursuing his degree in college and was in his second year when he found his calling in music. He began his career as a DJ that year and launched his psy trance project under the moniker D Designed Decision. Unlike most artist monikers, Agam Walia doesn’t have a deep philosophy behind the choice of his moniker but perhaps it is one that makes absolute sense since it was borne out of his sheer passion to convey his music to his audiences. I am not sure if you can make out of it but it’s a psy trance project and it just made all the sense in my head back then. It still does ;)”

Three D started off in 2010 with his sounds heavily inclined towards psy trance. Over time Three D found himself experimenting with electronica and globally growing intelligent bass music. The entire journey towards becoming a popular DJ within the circuit began with Agam’s exposure to the industry over time and all the influences he’s had. I have been a professional anchor, also managed bands. Electronic music is still the best thing that ever happened to me. I have worked with Nightclubs in the Corporate Section but again I believe everything was happening for a reason back then.”

While the DJ hasn’t released any of his tracks yet this year might just see him come out with a lot of original stuff. Another side-project of his is putting together a festival of his own that is expected to roll out soon!

I haven’t released any of my tracks, this set i put together for Ruiz Sierra who travels in India as a musician every year is definitely my best so far!”

Three D is an avid listener of various music forms and has a few constants on his playlist such as Len Faki, Drumcomplex, Regal, Mad Maxx, Phanatic, Arjun Vagale, Kohra, DJ SKIP, Vaeya and Starlab. The artist has had his fair share of success having hosted some great international acts over the years.

“My most pride shows would be It’s Just Sound Festival, Arudra Festival, Space Trip Festival, Sunburn Campus and a bunch of other campus shows where i have performed”, reveals the artist on his most notable performances to date.

Decisions | Three D follows his passion with a strong dedication and sticks to his musical roots while working on various other projects, be it in the corporate space or even under his musical label.

“I am working as a Project Head with Soundspeaks which is a Music School / Jam Pad / Artist Management Agency / Event Management  Agency / Entertainment Consultants, so i guess i can say i am pursuing music as a full time job.”

When he’s not spending time on the console creating mixes, Agam Walia can be found dancing like a ninja. No kidding! He’s got some moves!

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All image Courtesy: Courtesy of the artist