Ed Sheeran will extend his stay in Mumbai beyond his concert dates, and spend that time to meet and greet and explore the city.

The calendars were marked, notifications set, and vacations cancelled just as soon as news hit the city of Mumbai about Ed Sheeran’s concert in the city on the 19th of November. Official dates for ticket purchases were announced yesterday by BookMyShow which will go live on July 4th. Adding to that excitement, the singer has announced an extended stay in the city up until the 21st of November.

Credits: newsd.com

Ed Sheeran’s concert in Mumbai is part of the Asian leg of his tour. The singer will be touring Asia, October onwards, and will fly down to Mumbai on November 18th right after his show in Bangkok on the 16th. According to sources, the singer will stay an extra few days after his concert on the 19th to spend some quality time in the city and will fly out on the 21st. 

The singer last made his visit to the city in March, 2015 and was seen hopping the town, spending quality time with fans and partying with Bollywood A-Listers. Mark those dates people and pray that you just might run into the ‘Shape of You‘ star during his visit here!

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