Confused about the name? So were we!

This artist is a breath of unpolluted air, really. Names aren’t very important to him, only music is.

If it was up to me, I would release every project under different monikers. Also, to be very very honest with you, I did not think about the name at all, when I started putting music out. brnsctr originated from ‘brainscatter‘. I end up making stuff to collect the scattered pieces of my brain. It’s therapeutic, a way to reclaim my mind. The name is strange but feels relevant to my experience.” says the artist.

With completely home-grown music, brnsctr claims that not only is his music super personal but also different than a lot of music one would hear otherwise.

A part-time data scientist, Abhinav aka brnsctr makes music to stay occupied in a positive manner and to stay healthy and does not consider himself a musician. He doesn’t have any musical training, nor does he have proper speakers. He elaborates, “I make tracks on my headphones. I am sharing this with you to make the point that anyone can do this. If making music is what you want to do, then do that. Everyone else will end up scaring you into not doing it.”

I do not want to sound blase about this. I don’t care if everyone hates what they hear but I do want them to hear my tapes,” continues Abhinav. Additionally, his only advice to anyone doing anything is “to just do it. Don’t think, Just do.”

You won’t find him performing at any gigs as of now but we do hope he plans to spread his talent for mainstream viewership. The next gig he aims to play at is in your mind, hopefully. Check out “artless” with your headphones, preferably in one go. It’s only 18 minutes of a magical musical journey.


Talking about his “artless” tape, he adds,” I like the artless tape. There is scope for improvement but it feels coherent to me. I like that its tied together by textures and sounds and not a genre. It has tracks with no kicks, it has folk sounding tunes, it has ambient tunes, it has beat and it sounds so deceptive and simple on the face of it. You can deep dive as much as you want into that tape.

As we vouch for everything he has claimed, it is important to note that these 18 minutes give something new to reflect on every time you hear it.

Have you ever bonded with someone over your mutual love for albums and not singles? If yes, then you will definitely like Abhinav. He loves albums as well as listening to them for the first time. Some of the music he listens to is from Flying Lotus, Thundercat, Childish Gambino, Madlib, Skepta, Stormzy, Rihanna and Beyoncé. Don’t you wish you could befriend him?

Drunken in the beauty of musical continuum, brnsctr never wants to stop making music and we only wish the same for him! Check out his music here. You can also click here!