These festivals sure know how to have fun!

Festivals take place all around the world and although some of them are more popular than others, a few of them stand out due to their beautiful location, chill vibes and OTT festival topics. At times it’s the theme that catches one’s eye and you know it’s going to be big!

Take a look at the best themed festivals and add them to your bucket list:

1. Burning Man


Obviously, this festivals has to be on the number one spot when it comes to making our eyes pop. The barren lands of Black Rock Desert get converted into a playground for the quirky, when summer is at it’s peak in America. The festival itself is so unique that you can’t help but be either in love with it or disregard it. The annual themes revolve around the values expressed by the Ten Principles and we can’t wait to see what this year’s “Radical Ritual” theme will offer.

2. Middlelands Festival

If you’ve ever been curious to know what it would be like to live in the Game Of Thrones’ world, look no further! Middlelands festival is all about experiencing the medieval ages but don’t be fooled by it’s theme. The festival has announced its 2017 line-up of over 150 artists, from all genres, with a teaser trailer featuring everyone’s favourite Hodor!

3. UFO Festival 


Calling out all inhumans on this planet! The UFO festival is the gathering ground for all things extraterrestrial. UFO theories, abduction stories, rare sightings and crop circles. If you’re on your best behaviour, you might just make some more alien friends!

4. It’s The Ship 


A number of festivals are now taking to the seas to elevate people’s music experiences but the OG of them all is this one. The majestic ‘Mariner Of The Seas’ is the venue for Asia’s largest cruise festival and we’re drooling at the interiors of the ship. With a number of artists on the line-up and a ton of other activities to take part in, on the ship, this is possibly the best boat ride ever!

5. Up Helly Aa

(Credits: J Mitchell)

With temperatures dropping to single digits and men the size of a miniature pony, this Scottish festival is the common ground for all viking-aspired dreams to come true. The testosterone filled festival has a number of activities to keep the Norse Gods happy as well as the attendees. Make sure your capacity to hold your liquor is good, vikings love to drink to the crack of dawn and then some more.