We strive to continue bringing in new talent and rubbing them in your faces so that you finally understand the potential of India’s lesser known musicians and their musical prowess.

We are at it again, with this artist who’s as beautiful as her music!

As we know, some specific genres and sounds don’t get enough love as compared to the funky sounds intended for younger ears. Moreover, what if the artist is a girl or an all-girls group? Contrary to popular belief, we have Aarifah Rebello rewriting the laws of out-dated music scene in India and making it big with her talent by performing as a drummer, singer and songwriter in multiple bands, in addition to being a solo musician!

Credits: Carlton Roy D’Silva

Aarifah Rebello, singer-songwriter, guitarist, and drummer for Lawntuba along with The Bassics and Nookie Jar has been associated with multiple genres but says that it is all music to her ears. At the end of the day, making music that’s close to people’s heart is the ultimate deal.

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She has “been itching” to release her music with her debut EP later this year and so far, the only goal is to make money from it apart from world domination!

What’s better than working with your favourite artist? Nothing is. Ask Aarifah, as she has recorded and shot with Sandunes for Searching For Sounds by RedBull. She has been featured in newspapers like The Bombay Times and been on television through MTV’s Angels of Rock while also being featured in an episode of Maed In India. Additionally, she has performed as a drummer for a Tribute to Bob Marley with Sidd Coutto & Friends at blueFROG.

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Recently, Aarifah performed for The Gig Week at Café Zoe, Mumbai on January 17 2017, with Kamakshi Khanna. Moreover, she has played as a solo artist and with her bands at many clubs/ gigs in Mumbai like blueFROG, The Club, Tuning Fork , Corona Gardens, Imperial Heights, etc.

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Professionally, I started singing in 2014. I had started learning the drums in 2009 and being a drummer was an option but I had no fixed band. I had a few songs that I had written and I continued with them,”says Aarifah about her musical journey.

She continues,“I started writing as a form of expressing myself. I’m horrible at expressing myself in conversation otherwise and I found that songwriting helped me grow as a person.

When asked if money or fame drive her forward, she says, “I initially didn’t care about the money but then I learned to accept that money needed to get into my pockets eventually. I’m doing music as a career and if I don’t put a price tag on myself, no one will. Long story short,it’s not fame, it’s me seeing others react to my music and actively enjoying it.”

Listen to her music:

You can see her play live in Surat, on 22nd January 2017 at Garma Garam House Sessions and then, for Fields Of Sound at Lake Pavna in Lonavala on 28th and 29th January 2017.