With India’s world music festival, SulaFest 17 just a few days away, we’re taking a look back at the journey they have been on since they first started in the early 2000’s.

SulaFest 17 is back for another smashing celebration of the festival’s tenth anniversary. This year, the festival is going all out with a number of artists, more booze and as always, some good old fashioned fun. So before you get a taste of the celebratory edition, we’re taking you back to where it all began.


The festival had humble beginnings with a high ambition to be India’s gourmet world music festival with every possible activity like grape stomping, camping and wine tours. Music was provided by The Raghu Dixit Project and duo Shaair n Func for the single day event. Since then, the festival has come a long way and you’ll see why.


The second edition for the festival saw many familiar faced celebrities like Sapna Bhavnani and Sushma Reddy to name a few, enjoying the festival as Jalebee Cartel and Agnee collaborated live on stage at the Greek-style Amphitheatre.


The festival had the highest number of attendees at 4,000 in 2010. The capacity was so large that BBC Good Homes set up a makeshift shelter for the festival attendees to sit and relax away from the harsh rays of the sun. But they soon flocked to see acts like Shkabang, Ankur Tewari, Something Relevant and Teddy Boy Kill.


This follow up to one of the best editions for the festival was even better with acts like Pentagram, Tough on Tobacco, Petri Dish Project, Monica Dongra and more who killed it in front of the large attendance. This edition was one that included the Sula Bazaar to give the people a bit more than they would expect in terms of merchandise, craft, clothing, jewellery and more.


Sula Fest introduced the two-day celebration from this year and we’re glad they did! It was the first time all tickets were sold out! The artist lineup included some internationally famed artists as well as Indian favourites like Dualist Inquiry, Nitin Sawhney, Papon, Etienne Mbappe & Su La Take, Soulmate, Blackstratblues, Reggae Rajahs, DJ Sasha and more to get everyone grooving!


This was the first time an electronic music stage was introduced with the super cool name ‘Electrozone’ stage. It was placed close to the main stage while artist like Ankytrixx, jazz artist Vivienne Pocha, Swarathma, Dualist Inquiry, metal heads Deep Forest and others performed.


2014 saw the artist line up expand with acts like Shpongle along with incredible English-Indian singer Susheela Raman, The Dualers with Indian acts like Avial, Baycity Lights and Vasuda Sharma. There were only 11 music acts but they made an even louder impact on the attendees.


The major key to this year’s lineup was the inclusion of ‘Young The Giant’ to the roster. The band’s lead singer, Sameer Gadhia made his way back to his place of birth with this appearance. Joining the band were other acts like Will and The People, Nucleya, Speed Caravan, Lucky Ali, Monkey Brothers and more who entertained the crowd over two days.


World music could be seen in every act of the festival with the likes of Kailasa, The Cat Empire, Kailasa, Balkan Beat Box, Dub Inc, Success, Made In Barcelona, Delhi2Dublin, Reggae Rajahs, Madboy/Mink, Tribal Flora, Rodney Branigan and Aqua Dominatrix. A collective of 23 genres of music were covered at the festival.


The highly anticipated tenth edition of the festival will be filled with much more than just wine. The line-up is the most diverse one we’ve seen with music by Afro Celt Soundsystem, Indian Ocean, Nucleya, Infected Mushroom, Bloc Party, Bit of Both, Priyanjana, Your Chin, Dana Ruh, Igor Marijuan, La Bamba Di Tiempo and more.