This week’s top stories in review!

From Mad Decent announcing an Indian edition to a gory bull running festival in Tamil Nadu, check out the top stories of the week on Festival Sherpa!

1. It Looks Like Mad Decent Block Party Is Coming To India!


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The international dance music festival will debut in India this year and Gorgon City may be part of the lineup! – See more.

2. Hill Top Festival Just Dropped A Massive Lineup!


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The Hill Top Festival features 3 stages with a selection of top-notch artists, both International and Homegrown.  – See more.

3. 6 Immersive Art Festivals India Should Be Proud Of


Be it art exhibitions, street art, cultural & theatre performances or an amalgamation of all, here are some really amazing art-centric festivals that take place in the country. – See more.


4. Watch: A Stage At Electric Daisy Carnival Broke Down Because Of The Bass

edc vagas


EDC’s bassPOD stage was not prepared for the bass.  – See more.

5. These Ingenious Honeycomb Tents Can Change The Future Of Festival Camping


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Not only are they extremely fun, they can also make camping festivals a cheaper affair for you.  – See more.

6. Why TomorrowWorld ’15 Was A Disaster Of Epic Proportions


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A look back at the infamously disastrous edition of TomorrowWorld that took over social media last year. – See more.

7. Expectations Vs. Reality : What Really Happens At Music Festivals

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Every music festival experience is preceded with a ton of expectations. In reality, very few of them actually come true. – See more.

8. This Brutal Bull Running Festival In Tamil Nadu Needs To Be Stopped

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The government representatives of Tamil Nadu push to continue the Jallikattu festival despite the protests from animal activists everywhere.  – See more.