Every music festival experience is preceded with a ton of expectations. In reality, very few of them actually come true.

The Sherp is here taking a walk down the path of grief –  chronicling all those expectations we ever had, that were unmercifully squashed by music festivals.

1. Expectation : You’d walk into the festival venue like a proverbial badass with untouchable swag.

Reality : This line

Jim Ross Ap(Source: telegraph)

2. Expectation : You cannot wait to jostle through a crowd of music lovers for the best spot in front of the stage.

Reality: This depressing turnover

3. Expectation: You feel like your Coachella-inspired fashion is on point

Reality : But this is you

4. Expectation : You think you’ll meet some really cool people.

Reality : Creeps

5. Expectation : A truly rewarding camping experience

Reality : No leg space

6. Expectation : You want to have only a few drinks and a good time.

Reality : You stay sober throughout because the drinks are exorbitantly priced.

7. Expectation : A beautiful getaway from the city is expected

Reality : This abomination

porta potty meme 3

8. Expectation : A wonderful substance-infused high.

Reality : You have no idea what’s going on

giphy (19)

9. Expectation : You cannot wait to meet a festival soulmate

Reality : Your potential makeout

10. Expectation : You think you’ll come back with a lot of memories


Reality : Your state of mind

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