The Hill Top Festival features 3 stages with a selection of top-notch artists, both International and Homegrown. 

As a festival specially dedicated to the art of electronic dance music, the Hill Top Festival has carved its niche as it enters its 5th year since inception. Slated to be held over 3 days from February 12-14 the festival promises to be an “electronic dance music extravaganza to indulge in a sensory overload of music, fabulously funked up concept stages, visuals, decor and the perfect sound.”


The lineup includes Psychedelic Trance artists like Astrix, Avalon, Raja Ram, Electric Universe, Lucas, Outsiders Space Tribe. One of the highlights is an all new dedicated Techno Stage featuring Spartaque, Arjun Vagale, Kohra, Blot, Ankytrixx and more, some of whom will be making their debut performance at the venue. Hilltop has also formulated a Chill Out stage area, perfect for those who want to seek out a down tempo side.



Check out visuals from Hill Top Festival 2015 :